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    1.5 million dehumidifiers recalled over fire risk

    (WHTM) – More than 1 million dehumidifiers are being recalled after 23 fires were reported.

    According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the recall impacts 42 models of dehumidifiers with the brand names Kenmore, GE, SoleusAir, Norpole and Seabreeze. They were manufactured between January 2011 and February 2014. Approximately 1,560,000 units are impacted by the recall.

    The CPSC says there have been 688 incidents of overheating and $168,000 in property damage connected to the dehumidifiers.

    The brand name and pint capacity are printed on the back, front or side of the unit and the model number is on a sticker. The dehumidifiers are white, beige, gray or black plastic.


    Model number Capacity
    407.53530310 30-pint
    407.53550310 50-pint
    407.53570310 70-pint
    407.53571310 70-pint


    Model number Capacity
    ADEH50LPQ1 50-pint
    ADEH50LQQ1 50-pint
    ADEH50LRL1 50-pint
    ADEL30LRQ1 30-pint
    ADEL50LRL1 50-pint
    ADEL70LRL1 70-pint
    ADER30LPQ1 30-pint
    ADER30LQQ1 30-pint
    ADER40LPQ1 40-pint
    ADER40LQQ1 40-pint
    ADER50LPQ1 50-pint
    ADER50LQQ1 50-pint
    ADER50LRL1 50-pint
    ADER50LSL1 (with date code 01/14) 50-pint
    ADER65LPQ1 65-pint
    ADER65LQQ1 65-pint
    ADER70LRL1 70-pint
    ADEW30LPQ1 30-pint
    ADEW30LQQ1 30-pint
    ADEW50LPQ1 50-pint
    ADEW50LQQ1 50-pint
    ADEW50LRL1 50-pint
    ADEW65LPQ1 65-pint
    ADEW65LQQ1 65-pint
    ADEW70LRL1 70-pint


    Model number Capacity
    GL-DEH-45F-2Q3 45-pint
    GL-DEH-70EIP-6L3 70-pint
    GL-DEH-70F-2L3 70-pint
    GM-DEH-30M-1Q3 30-pint
    GM-DEH-45-1Q3 45-pint
    GM-DEH-70-1L3 70-pint
    SG-DEH-25-4 25-pint
    SG-DEH-30E-1Q3 30-pint
    SG-DEH-45E-1Q3 45-pint
    SG-DEH-70E-1L3 70-pint
    SG-DEH-70E-2L3 70-pint



    The affected dehumidifiers were sold between 2011 and 2014 at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, Sam’s Club, Sears, Walmart and other stores nationwide.

    Consumers should immediately stop using the dehumidifiers, unplug them, and contact Gree to receive a refund. Those who contact the manufacturer will be signed up for a waitlist and will be contacted in 6-8 weeks with information on how to register for the recall.

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