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    Is James Harden in a relationship with ‘Lil Baby’? Viral rumors debunked

    James Harden has been the subject of social media attention recently, especially with his shaky situation with his NBA mother team, the Philadelphia 76ers. Amidst the buzz, posts came out on social media saying that the former league MVP is in a “secret” relationship with rapper “Lil Baby.”

    In a post by NBACentel, Harden was shown in a picture alongside Lil Baby, and the caption said that they had been together for three years now.

    “I enjoy him, he enjoys me. That’s how we bromance. Life’s good for me right now,” Harden was quoted saying in the post on X.

    A post by NBACentel was taken down minutes after it was on social media
    A post by NBACentel was taken down minutes after it was on social media

    But after a few minutes, the post was taken down by the social media page. In just a short time, it had 12 reposts and 112 likes.

    NBACentel X handle is a parody of NBA Central, which delivers legitimate news around the league. All posts by NBACentel are fake, and thus, rumors that James Harden indeed had a “secret” relationship with Lil Baby are false.


    Kenyon Martin blasts James Harden for expecting to get higher pay at 33 years old

    Former NBA first overall pick Kenyon Martin recently guested in Gilbert Arena’s podcast and didn’t mince his words on aiming at Harden’s contract expectations with the Philadelphia 76ers.

    “If I’m James Harden, I can’t expect them people to give me another five years for $250 million. I don’t give a f–k what he promised me at the dinner table,” said Martin with skepticism.

    Martin added that Harden should be honest with himself if he intends to get high pay at 33 years old with a few good years left in his basketball career.

    “If I’m being honest, if he tell me that sh-t, I’m leaving that meeting thinking he’s a f–king liar… If I’m being honest with myself in this situation. Everything that I’ve put on the table the last three stops… Why would somebody sign me up for another five [years] for the maximum amount of money they could possibly give me?”

    The Philadelphia 76ers will open their season against the Milwaukee Bucks on October 26, Thursday, at 7:30 p.m. with no guarantees that James Harden will be suiting up.

    WATCH: Kenyon Martin and Gilbert Arenas heated discussion about James Harden and Darryl Morey starting at the 1:33:00 mark


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