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    Julian Sands latest news: Missing actor’s family issues statement as ‘heroic’ search continues amid weather warning

    Julian Sands: Who is the Hollywood British actor missing in California?

    A weather warning of strong winds and gusts of up to 70mph has been issued, as the search for missing British actor Julian Sands enters its 10th day.

    On Monday 23 January, the National Weather Service reported high winds affecting the Santa Ana mountain region and San Bernandino, close to the San Gabriel mountains where Sands is believed to have gone missing.

    An alert warned of possible power outages, travel disruption and a risk of falling trees: “The strongest winds will be along the south-facing slopes and foothill areas, below the Morongo Pass, and through and below the Santa Ana Mountain canyons,” the report said.

    On Friday, ground crews were forced to halt the search for Sands due to the avalanche risk in the area.

    “The air search is being resumed, but we have not been able to resume a ground search yet due to icy conditions and a threat of avalanches,” said Gloria Huerta, Public Information Officer for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.


    Julian Sands: A timeline of missing actor’s disappearance

    Julian Sands, a prolific actor with more than 150 screen credits, has gone missing while hiking.

    The British star is believed to have been somewhere on the popular Baldy Bowl Trail in California, which climbs 3,900 feet over 4.5 miles to the highest summit in the San Gabriel Mountains.

    Search and rescue crews are looking for Sands, with the actor’s friends, including Matthew Modine, Rufus Sewell and film producer Frank Marshall, expressing hope that he is found safely.

    Peony Hirwani23 January 2023 10:27


    More details, including the family’s full statement, here:

    Louis Chilton23 January 2023 22:30


    Sands’ family have shared a statement thanking authorities for the “heroic” search effort, which is still ongoing.

    “Our heartfelt thanks to the compassionate members of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department who are coordinating the search for our beloved Julian, not least the heroic search teams listed below who are braving difficult conditions on the ground and in the air to bring Julian home,” it read.

    Louis Chilton23 January 2023 21:52


    The Mount Baldy bowl area where Sands is believed to have been hiking has already prompted more than two dozen incidents of lost or injured hikers over the past month, according to authorities.

    Two hikers have been killed in this time after falling and injuring themselves.

    CBS News Los Angeles reported that one of these people, indentified as Crystal Paula Gonzalez, was an experienced hiker who previously climbed to the peak of Mount Whitney.

    Louis Chilton23 January 2023 20:56


    No real updates today, but a reminder of the most recent developments…

    It was reported over the weekend that Sands’ phone pings appeared to show movement on the day he was reported missing.

    Louis Chilton23 January 2023 20:00


    ICYMI: The last pictures Julian Sands sent to his grandson, from atop a mountain peak.

    The images show the missing actor climbing mountains in the Alps.

    Louis Chilton23 January 2023 19:20


    A bit more on the ongoing air search for Sands that is taking place in California…

    Julian Sands: Air search continues for missing British actor in California

    Air search crews are continung to look for British actor Julian Sands more than a week after he went missing in California. Sands, who has starred in The Killing Fields and A Room With a View has been missing since Friday, 13 January. The 65-year-old is thought to have been hiking along the popular Baldy Bowl Trail in the San Gabriel Mountains the day he disappeared. This news report details the current situation as teams continue to search for the English actor. Click here to sign up for our newsletters.

    Louis Chilton23 January 2023 18:40


    Touching anecdote about once meeting Sands shared by another mountain climber here.

    Louis Chilton23 January 2023 18:00


    Actor and comedian Diedrich Bader shared this message about Sands on Twitter.

    “ I hope Julian Sands is okay. I was remembering the sheer perfection of his gesture before it rains in A Room with a View.

    “He taps his chest w open hands and raises his chin in joyful anticipation of the downpour. It was sensuous and ecstatic Byronic and simply beautifully alive.”

    Louis Chilton23 January 2023 17:23


    Is the climate crisis behind a string of California hiker tragedies?

    Sobering report from Josh Marcus.

    Louis Chilton23 January 2023 16:40



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