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    Megan Thee Stallion Joins She-Hulk and the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse

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    There are lots of productions underway right now, including an R.L. Stine adaption starring Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase (Zombie Town), a sci-fi thriller starring Tessa Thompson and Joseph Gordon Levitt (Ash), and Jennifer Connelly and Joel Edgerton attached to sci-fi series on Apple TV (Dark Matter). This year looks packed with great films to come. Hoist the spoiler flag!

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    Zombie Town

    THR reports Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Henry Czerny, Marlon Kazadi, and Madi Monroe are attached to star in Zombie Town, a film adaptation of the kid’s book by R.L. Stine from director Peter Lepeniotis and Hulu. Currently filming in Toronto, the story follows 12-year-old Mike and his friend Karen as they “watch a horror movie called Zombie Town and unexpectedly see the title characters leap off the screen and chase them through the theater.”


    Deadline also has word Tessa Thompson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will star in Ash, a film from musician-turned-director Flying Lotus in which “a woman (Thompson) who wakes up on a distant planet and finds the crew of her space station viciously killed, and must then decide if she can trust the man (Gordon-Levitt) sent to rescue her. But as their investigation into what happened sets in motion a terrifying chain of events, he begins to wonder how innocent she really is.”

    Home Before Dark

    THR additionally reports Patrick Brice (Creep, Creep 2) is attached to direct Home Before Dark, a film adaptation of Riley Sager’s recent horror novel for Shawn Levy’s 21 Laps production company. Adapted for the screen by Blair Butler (The Invitation), the story follows Maggie, a young woman “whose family fled their Victorian home 25 years earlier in an event that inspired her father to pen a best-selling nonfiction book claiming they experienced a haunting. Now an adult, Maggie doesn’t remember those events and doesn’t believe her father’s book. But when she inherits the old family home after her father’s death, she starts to question if there’s more to the house than she believed.”

    Red Sonja

    Deadline announced that Oliver Trevena (Wire Room) has been attached to the comic book film starring Matilda Lutz. He will be playing Tr’aal, a “gladiator-type” warrior who joins Sonja during her journey.

    Tusk 2

    In a recent interview with /Film, Justin Long confirmed that a sequel to Kevin Smith’s Tusk is likely moving forward at View Askew Productions.

    You’ll be happy to hear, Kevin [Smith] just announ– I mean, I guess they’re talking about it. They’re doing Tusk 2. He texted us all the other day, Haley [Joel Osment] and Genesis [Rodriguez], and he told us that he wanted to do it, and I thought it was a joke. And then I realized he was being serious. And then one of the [other] interviewers said, ‘Yeah, he said the same to me.’

    Hocus Pocus 2

    Entertainment Weekly has our first official look at Billy Butcherson (Doug Jones) in Hocus Pocus 2.

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    Dark Matter

    Jennifer Connelly and Joel Edgerton have joined Dark Matter, a new nine-episode sci-fi series at Apple TV+ based on the book by Blake Crouch. The series will follow “Jason Dessen (Edgerton), a physicist, professor, and family man whoone night while walking home on the streets of Chicagois abducted into an alternate version of his life. Wonder quickly turns to nightmare when he tries to return to his reality amid the multiverse of lives he could have lived. In this labyrinth of mind-bending realities, he embarks on a harrowing journey to get back to his true family and save them from the most terrifying, unbeatable foe imaginable: himself.” Connelly is said to play Dessen’s wife, Daniela.

    [Comic Book]

    Resident Evil

    After Netflix canceled the video game adaption after only one season, show lead Lance Reddick posted a video on Twitter thanking the fans, cast, and crew who loved the show.


    Meanwhile, Deadline reports Harold Perrineau, Scott McCord, Nathan D. Simmons, Kaelen Ohm, Angela Moore, A.J. Simmons, and Deborah Grover are confirmed to star in the second season of From.

    She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

    Additionally, Deadline confirms Megan Thee Stallion will guest-star on an upcoming episode of She-Hulk as a client in a legal case handled by attorney Augustus “Pug” Pugliese. This news lines up with a recent interview the outlet held with Josh Segarra, where the actor teased a future episode would focus on a case involving “a gentleman getting catfished by someone who lives in another universe” while pretending to be a famous recording artist in this one.


    Bloody-Disgusting reports Ghostwriter will return for a third season at Apple TV+ this October 21.

    Roswell, New Mexico

    Finally, Roswell, New Mexico comes crashing down in the trailer for its series finale, “How’s It Going to Be?

    Roswell, New Mexico 4×13 Promo “How’s It Going to Be” (HD) Series Finale

    Banner art by Jim Cook

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