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    “You Have A Future Here” – Deadline

    Sara Beth Liebe is getting the support of Whoopi Goldberg and The View co-hosts after she made the decision of quitting American Idol to go home to her kids.

    “People have to make decisions and you made the decision that was right for you,” Goldberg said on the ABC talk show. “With that voice, that will not be your only time and you’re young enough to come back and do it again.”

    Goldberg added that she respected Liebe for making the decision and going with her heart. The 25-year-old singing hopeful shocked the American Idol judges when she announced she was abandoning the show to go back with her three children who are between the ages of 2 and 7.

    Joy Behar chimed in saying that after announcing her exit, Liebe has gotten “a lot of exposure” and it was fine she would want to return to her kids.

    In her exit interview, Liebe said that she might regret not taking the opportunity and leaving the competition. Goldberg mentioned that people could only have regrets because they are shamed for their decisions from the past.

    “Sometimes the decision to go with the opportunity was the right one [but] you feel bad because other people say to you, ‘Oh, that’s what you did?’” Goldberg added. “I think you know in your soul what’s right for you and I love that she said, ‘I gotta go home with my babies,’ It’s a great thing.”

    Sunny Hostin said that she “hated this work-life balance” discussion as she doesn’t hear men having that same internal debate.

    “No shade to a lot of men, ’cause I’m sure there are men that have had to make those decisions but I almost feel like it’s this guilt thing with women,” the former prosecutor said. “There is no balance, you make priorities in your life and you make choices — some of them the right choices, some of them are the wrong choices. I’ve given up opportunities so that I could go see a track meet — that was for me, but it may not be for someone else. Why are we as women always told that we do have to make it all work.”

    Goldberg finished off the discussion by validating Liebe saying that “she’s doing what she wants to be doing” and “she’s probably going to be happiest until she says, ‘I have the time now and now, this is what I’m going to do.’”

    “I’m looking to see you in the future ’cause I think you have a future here,” Goldberg ended.

    Watch the debate in the video below.



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