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    Allergy season expected to be longer this year

    YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) -Spring pollination is in higher number this year. Spring has sprung and so has allergy symptoms.  

    Spring means blossoms and for those who suffer from allergies, it’s not the most pleasant time of the year. 

    Making matters worse, this year’s pollination season is predicted to be 20 days longer 

    Pollen concentrations are expected to increase by more than 20% this year according to a recent study performed by University of Michigan researchers.
    Certified EMT, Seanna Krantz states “have those allergy meds, available have masks, you never know when you’re gonna need them and know how to decor appropriately. Decontaminate by taking your clothes off and changing to clean ones or even taking a shower.”

    Krantz states that when allergy suffers are under attack there are several signs to be aware of “the throats were tight, their tongue was swollen, they could not breathe, they look like a panting dog, it was pretty significant. 

    Medical professionals say that taking an allergy test is the best way to know exactly what allergies you may be afflicted by.



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