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    Do 10000 steps a day make for a workout for the day?

    With fitness and athletic brands promoting the concept and endless gadgets helping you track – “10000” steps a day became conventional wisdom in many fitness circles as the ultimate goal to stay fit. But while the masses wore smartwatches and trackers and tried to hit the number – some occasionally wondered if 10,000 actually was an important number. Turns out that 10000 steps can actually be a healthy move for you!

    Miten Kakaiya, fitness coach at Miten Says Fitness (MSF) says, “I don’t know about apples, but 10000 steps a day can definitely keep the doctors away! It might not qualify as a complete workout to help you achieve your fitness goals, but walking a few thousand steps a day is a good way to stay active during the day and keep your health in check”

    Confused if you should keep track of your steps? Here’s why 10000 steps a day isn’t a myth, but a must!



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