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    WATCH: St Andrew man ‘living in hell’ after neighbour starts livestock farm next door

    In this video grab, Paul Daley stands in front of his home in Waterhouse, St Andrew.

    KINGSTON, Jamaica – An elderly man says his daily living experience has been transformed into a hellish nightmare after his neighbour began operating a livestock farm next door.

    Paul Daley, who is in his early 70s, told OBSERVER ONLINE that since returning to his home in western St Andrew in February 2022, his living situation has become unbearable because of the stench, noise and flies from the farm which houses pigs, chickens and goats.

    “I usually go and come. However, because of COVID-19 I was away for a year and a half,” Daley said.

    “When I came back in February, I discovered that my neighbour had started a farm with goats, roosters, chickens, and pigs, including some piglets,” Daley added.

    According to Daley, the animals grunt and make egregious noises all hours of the day and night.

    In addition, Daley said that he is unable to open the windows and doors on the left side of his house as the animal pen is less than six feet from his kitchen and bathroom which are on that side of the house.

    “I can’t open my doors or windows on that side of the house due to the stench. I am also attacked by flies as I open my kitchen door. As a result, I have to keep the house locked up and it is incredibly hot,” said Daley.

    “The flies have taken over my yard. They’ve taken over my house. It’s a health concern for me. I’m living in hell, honestly,” added Daley.

    Actively seeking reprieve from the situation, Daley has reached out to the Kingston & St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC), the Public Health Department and his local political representative but noted that nothing has brought resolve to the matter.

    “The KSAMC has given me a number, I have not heard much from the public health and you know how politics is,” Daley said.

    “All I want is some assistance anyway I can get it. I am an elderly man, I just want to enjoy the rest of my life and my property, I have been living in Lamb’s Pen (Waterhouse) since 1958, I moved here with my mom and dad. My neighbours who’ve moved here less than a decade ago are just plainly inconsiderate and selfish,“ Daley added.

    OBSERVER ONLINE reached out to the KSAMC’s Senior Director Robert Hill who noted that farm animals should not be raised in residential communities within the municipality, pointing to the Keeping of Animals Act.

    Hill further added that it was the remit of the City Inspector Department to deal with the problem.



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