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    10 Cool RV Hats For Happy Campers

    A good ball cap or trucker hat is a staple of every RVer’s wardrobe. So, here are some cool RV hats that are comfy and represent our RV lifestyle…

    You may have noticed from our YouTube videos that Jennifer and I wear hats often. But that’s no surprise with our outdoor-loving lifestyle. 

    I think it’s safe to say every RVer has some sort of hat they travel around with. I bet even a favorite hat! 

    But even if you have a favorite hat, you should check out these new options. I’ve compiled a list of baseball caps and trucker hats that are perfect for RVers. You may want to buy one for yourself or as a gift for any happy camper you know.

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    10 Great RV Hats

    Now, as you probably know, we have a clothing line in our RV Lifestyle online shop, and it does have several hat options. So, of course, I can’t help but include one of our hats on this list… but only one! 

    The other hats are found on good-ol’ Amazon. Each hat was selected because they represent the RV lifestyle, whether in a humorous or creative way. And all are comfy!

    Oh, and I even found some matching hats for couples! Let’s start with one of those that I think is perfect for Jennifer and me…

    I Get Us In / Out of Trouble- Couples Hats

    I bet in most cases, the man will wear the “I Get Us In Trouble” hat. I know I certainly would. Jennifer has gotten me out of trouble plenty of times.

    But, I do know plenty of RVing women who would claim that hat and give the “I Get Us Out of Trouble” to their more sensible companion.

    That’s why I like that these hats aren’t color-oriented to one gender and instead come in a neutral gray in a distressed design. They have a curved bill and velcro closure, so they’re comfy right from the start. 

    Sasquatch Research Team

    This is a simple trucker hat design that comes in a few different colors. It has an outline of a sasquatch over a woodsy background with “Sasquatch Research Team” scrawled across.

    I’m sure it’s obvious why this hat made the list. Us RVers always like to joke that we’re on the lookout for the elusive sasquatch.  

    It reminds me of a fun video we did on Myths & Monsters of Michigan that’s worth a quick view if you haven’t seen it before.

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    Your Adventure Awaits Camo Hat

    As promised, here is our RV Lifestyle hat that made the list. We have solid color designs and even a beanie, but I think the camo adds an element of fun that this list warrants.

    Granted, you’d be better off with a pink or blue hat if you’re walking your dog along a roadside. But these camo hats are perfect for hiking if you’re hoping to spot some wildlife. 

    They can probably still hear and smell you from a mile away, but at least they can’t see you as easily!

    Mike and Jennifer’s RV Lifestyle hat collection

    Who needs a hat?

    Who needs a hat? You do! Dad hats aren’t just for dads. This comfy one’s got a low profile with an adjustable strap and curved visor. Just the thing to wear on your next RV Lifestyle adventure.

    Happy Camper Denim Hat

    This women’s baseball cap is made by the Funky Junque Store, which I think describes this design perfectly. It’s a distressed jean design that makes the hat look well-loved from the start. Then, it has a cute little camper design with the words “Happy Camper” scrawled underneath.

    If you’re not looking for “cute”, then you should still click on this link. Why? Because it has a drop-down menu with eight other Happy Camper designs, including less cutesy options.

    If you’re sold on the “Happy Camper” statement, you’ll find a design you like here.

    Camping Hair Don’t Care Trucker Hat

    Another great option for women, this hat addresses an obvious camping challenge: bad hair days. Or more like “Camping Hair Don’t Care” days, which is precisely the sentiment this hat states.

    This hat is a bit of a hybrid between a baseball cap and a trucker hat. It has a mesh back like a trucker hat but a pre-curved bill and baseball-cap style front. 

    Most importantly, it has a hole in the back for a high ponytail or messy bun to fit through.

    Happy Camper Distressed Trucker Hat

    Another RV hat for the ladies! This Happy Camper trucker hat comes in a few different colors and has a distressed design. 

    Like the earlier Happy Camper option, this has a cute little camper and “Happy Camper” on the front. But it also has little trees and the moon and stars surrounding the camper.

    Plus, it has a very different back design. Jennifer says this cross-strap design is great for women because it allows them to wear their hair up in different ways. So, whether you prefer a high ponytail or a low bun, this hat will work for you.

    This Legend Has Retired

    I know I’ve had a lot of women’s hats in a row, so here is a unisex option. “This Legend has Retired” is perfect for a large demographic of the RVing community. Jennifer and I included!

    This also makes an excellent gift for anyone retiring and starting the next chapter of FREEDOM! There’s something very satisfying about exchanging professional clothes for a ball cap. It makes the transition feel more real.

    Hubby / Wifey Matching Hat Set

    There’s some common RV terminology these hats bring to mind. If you’re ever in an online forum or social media thread about RVing, you’ll often come across the acronyms DW or DH. 

    DW and DH stand for Dear Husband and Dear Wife, or hubby and wifey. That’s why this matching Hubby and Wifey set easily makes this list of RV hats. 

    It’s a simple, gray ballcap design that works well for anyone.

    Dog Dad / Dog Mom Matching Hat Set

    Oh boy, do we RVers love our dogs! I know Jennifer and I certainly do. We often hear how people got into RVing just so their dogs could travel with them.

    I’m sure there are plenty of proud dog parents in our RV world that would love these hats. Whether you’re one or know one, this hat set makes a great gift. 

    They’re standard ball cap style in a neutral gray color.

    Embroidered Trucker Hat Outdoor Series

    I’m ending this list not on a single hat but on an entire series. LARIX makes this high-quality trucker hat that comes in multiple outdoor designs.

    I personally like the subtle sasquatch in front of the trees. They also have classy designs with antlers, trout, and forest scenes.

    All come in dark heather and include a comfortable hat liner. If you’re looking for a hat that will last a long time, this one’s for you.

    Where are you going to wear your new hat?

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