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    20 Things to do Before 9 A.M. For a Better Lifestyle

    Here are a few things you can incorporate into your mornings to set yourself up for success during the day!

    1. Hydrate with lemon water: Starts your digestion and provides a vitamin C boost.
    2. 10 min morning stretch/yoga: Activates your muscles and enhances flexibility.
    3. Gratitude journaling: Promotes a positive mindset and helps you appreciate the good in life.
    4. Nutritious breakfast: Include proteins, whole grains, and fruits for a balanced meal.
    5. Plan your day in a to-do list: Lowers stress and aids in time management for a productive day.
    6. 5 min mindful meditation: Alleviates stress, enhances focus, and brings clarity.
    7. Energizing shower: Alternate between warm and cool water for a refreshing effect.
    8. Listen to uplifting music/podcast: Choose something positive or informative.
    9. Light exercise/walk: Releases endorphins, boosting your mood and energy levels.
    10. Read book/news for 15 min: Engages your mind and offers new insights.

    Click here for the full list!



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