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    A Scoop And A Shot

    Can’t decide between a cocktail or dessert after dinner? Buzzed Bull Creamery combines both treats, serving up small-batch ice cream kicked up a notch with top-shelf liquor. The liquor enhances the appeal of the premium ice cream without overpowering it. The cool franchise concept made its way to Grapevine last month, using liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream in seconds while you wait.

    When the ingredients blend with the liquid nitrogen, it yields a smooth, soft incorporated ice cream. The alcohol is another ingredient infused as part of the recipe, and customers can choose from different ice cream, yogurt or sorbet bases. The many mix-in toppings are also decadent, but the buzz appeal from the rum, vodka, gin and other liquors make Buzzed Bull unique.

    The creamery offers 32 flavors, 20 mix-ins including Oreos, Butterfingers or Reese’s Cups, and plenty of liquor options. Hard to decide on one flavor? Sample a flight with four featured monthly recipes of 4.3-ounce serving cups like Hard Apple Pie, Peanut Butter Pie, Cherry Limeade Sorbet and Island Paradise. Buzzed flavors start at 5% ABV, and patrons can upgrade the liquor or opt out for non-buzzed treats. One shot of liquor goes into each bowl and the milkshake contains one and a half shots. If it makes you feel better, it’s healthier than most ice cream with no preservatives, emulsifiers, eggs or heavy cream. Science meets cooking with this enticing new concept locally owned and operated by the same team who owns the Texas Star Dinner Theater.

    The locally owned franchisee, Paula Eyre, said the most popular buzzed and non-buzzed concoctions are Death By Chocolate, which uses a chocolate vodka with its mixture, or the Honey Pecan with top-shelf Woodford Reserve bourbon. Buzzed Bull’s espresso bar also serves a dual purpose, using the ice cream base as the milk instead of half and half, followed by a shot of liquor in the coffee.

    This is not your mother’s ice cream shop, but she might approve. Ice cream and milkshakes are delicious alone, but it’s a gourmet experience accompanied by a bit of alcohol-infused goodness. Family-friendly offerings of ice cream, shakes, sorbets and coffees are abuzz for fall at this quaint Main Street location.



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