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    Active lifestyle within reach in Kuwait

    KUWAIT: Due to the harsh hot climate of Kuwait that persists for most of the year, it’s commonly assumed that opportunities for adopting an active lifestyle are very limited. However, Sarah Dashti, a fitness coach, argues against this point. With Kuwait now ranking 15th globally in obesity rates, according to the Global Obesity Observatory, Dashti highlighted that people in the country are increasingly recognizing the importance of regular sports participation. This awareness is reflected in the growing adoption of amenities such as public parks, gyms, walking areas, and even online fitness classes, she added.

    Dashti stressed that engaging in sports is not just a luxury but is essential for our well-being and physical health. “We simply need to keep exercising to be able to move more easily in our daily lives, especially as we get older,” she emphasized. Since our muscles age over time, enhanced mobility will improve flexibility, allowing us to gain greater independence in daily activities. “That’s when we’ll feel fortunate to go to the bathroom or get out of bed independently, without requiring help from anyone,” she said.

    Dashti advises exercising three times a week, for half an hour each session, as the ideal routine. She highlighted the diverse range of free exercise opportunities available in Kuwait to suit various interests and goals. For those who enjoy outdoor activities like walking or running in the fresh air breeze, she suggests starting at 5 am along the walking areas spread across multiple areas of the country, before the sun becomes too intense. “I personally prefer this outdoor exercise because it boosts my mental well-being and promotes positive thinking,” she noted.

    Alternatively, she recommended the dedicated walking paths found in most indoor modern malls in the city, for those who cannot wake up so early. Since walking alone is not a good enough form of exercise, Dashti noted the importance of adopting resistance training for building strength, which can often be done in public parks equipped with fitness machines along walking paths. Examples include Boulevard and Mishref Oasis Walk and Playground, and most parks in Kuwait.

    Additionally, she mentioned the variety of fitness gyms available at different price points to suit various budgets, along with the growth of online fitness classes for added convenience. Dashti even commended the government for proactive efforts in fostering change and advancing positive physical well-being. She cited the recent Kuwait Sports Day event, attended by HH the Prime Minister, Sheikh Dr Mohammad Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah. “Just having such examples there can certainly inspire and motivate people,” she said.

    For further progress, Dashti suggested extending this approach to workplaces, by integrating training rooms into them, particularly for those whose employees are required to stay for extended periods. A 20-minute break for exercise would be beneficial for their busy daily life routines.



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