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    An Onam to remember | Lifestyle – Gulf News

    Every year, at Aurion we celebrate Onam by gathering together at our office premises and organising the traditional flower decoration or pookkalam, as well as arranging the Onasadhya (traditional Onam feast) for the staff and management teams. It’s a time of great festivity and happiness for all. We also get together with friends and family on the day to participate in fun activities including games such as tug of war and anthakshari. Onam marks a rejuvenation of love and friendship within team Aurion.

    Having spent a major part of my life with my family in the UAE, my heart resonates with the fervour of Onam. Here, amidst colleagues, friends and the spirited Keralite community groups, I embrace this treasured festival. It’s a homage to our cultural core, and especially poignant for those among us who are far away from our homeland. These lively celebrations serve as a bridge, linking us to our ancestral customs and vibrant heritage, ensuring our younger generations remain firmly grounded.

    Onam is an integral thread of our cultural fabric. Its significance resonates deeply with all Keralites, regardless of where we reside — be it our native land or any corner of the world. This celebration embodies the essence of togetherness and the joy of sharing prosperity across society.

    Onam memories evoke a rush of nostalgia, conjuring images of our village back in the day, the laughter, camaraderie and merriment with family and friends. The festival carries a profound sentimentality, reminding us of the moments when friendships grew stronger. Undoubtedly, the highlight of Onam is the scrumptious Onasadhya. The delectable vegetarian spread is a cherished tradition, something savoured not just for the moment but for years to come. The meal also symbolises respect, not just for the food but also for the gracious hosts who prepare it.

    In the UAE, Onam isn’t just a festival, it’s a connection to roots, a tribute to our heritage and a testament to the enduring ties that bind us as a community.



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