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    charles iii: Documentary reveals King Charles III’s lavish lifestyle. Find out details

    Live life king size was perhaps coined for King Charles III himself as the newly-appointed King seems to have been leaving nothing to the imagination in leading a kingly lifestyle, as per reports. His demands may seem outrageous and innumerable that the staff at the Clarence House seems to have nicknamed him the
    ‘pampered prince’, the reports said.

    The lavish demands of the King came to public attention through the 2015 documentary
    ‘Serving the Royals: Inside the Firm.’ A 2015 documentary released on Amazon Prime Video showed the royal butler, Paul Burrell, outlining the King’s demands. He mentioned that the list of demands was given to the King’s staff so that they could serve him as he required, the reports said.

    What the butler revealed?

    • Paul Burrell stated that the King wanted the staff to do everything for him. He wanted his pajamas to be pressed each morning.
    • Even his shoelaces had to be pressed flat using an iron. Other things that the butler revealed included the following:
    • The bath plug should be in a particular position
    • The water should be only tepid
    • The bathtub should be only half-filled
    • His valet had to squeeze out the toothpaste for him every morning

    Other habits of the King

    Graham Newbould, the former royal staff member, also mentioned the King’s breakfast. He stated that the King ate a healthy meal that included a bowl of fresh fruits, homemade bread and fresh fruit juice. Wherever the King travelled, his breakfast box always travelled with him. The box contained six types of honey, special muesli, dry fruits, and other items the King was fussy about.

    Another royal insider revealed that the King insisted on his biscuits and cheese be warmed to a specific temperature after a meal. The King had a staff close by with a warming tray to ensure the desired warmth.

    When visiting his friends’ country homes, besides the breakfast box, the King sends a van filled with his possessions so that his bed, furniture and pictures can be unpacked before he arrives. Moreover, it is believed that King Charles carried his toilet seat and Kleenex velvet toilet paper everywhere.


    Who is Paul Burrell?

    Paul Burrell served the late Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana as a royal butler.

    Who lived in the Clarence House?

    Prince Charles, with his wife Camilla Parker Bowles, lived in the Clarence House from 2003 until recently, when Prince Charles became the King.

    Who is the Queen consort?

    The Queen consort is the wife of King Charles III, Camilla Parker Bowles.

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