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    Dare ‘escalades’ to love and marriage for the Newells | Lifestyle

    By a show of hands, how many of you have ever played truth or dare? Well, Nadia Wolfe did. And one day, her cousin gave her an interesting test. The challenge was to stop an Escalade that would often traverse their route in the mornings. Without hesitation, she did the deed. And it was all fun and games until the driver, Glendon Newell, actually stepped on the brakes.

    The situation escalated quickly. Placed in a unique predicament, the stunned adventurer had no idea what to do. “It took me a while to go over and speak to the driver. But I eventually did,” she told Island Wedding. The motorist, who formally introduced himself, would go on to become Nadia’s beloved husband.

    Initially, she was smitten by the stranger’s charm, “He is a handsome fellow with a great sense of humour, and I could see us being together forever. I struck gold,” she said, with a laugh.

    For Glendon, he just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to stop for a signalling beauty. “Coming up Mountain View one morning, this pretty girl signalled me to stop. I liked what I saw and decided, why not stop and get to know her, as my interest was now piqued; and boy, I have no regrets,” he revealed.

    On their first date, the pair went to Roselle Falls, St Thomas. Nadia found it particularly thrilling playing under the falls and engaging in stimulating conversation seated on big rocks to the sound of accompanying waves. “That was everything for me, as I am a lover of nature,” she added.

    Seeing each other every night since they met in Mountain View, they figured it was worth pursuing further, officially going into a relationship about a month later in August 2003. From there, they went on to move in together six months after their first encounter.

    Comedic, loving, attentive, dependable, and easygoing, Glendon continues to blow his darling away with these positive traits. “He always knows how to lighten the mood, so there’s never a dull moment. He notices every small detail, he’s a great listener, I can count on him for everything, and he showers me with love not only with words, but also with actions. I love the way he always reminds me that God has got us and I need not worry,” Nadia shared.

    He has assisted Nadia by making her a better communicator. When she sees the negative, he remains optimistic for her, physically and emotionally supporting her and their family.

    Describing Nadia as amazing, Glendon has been happy to be front and centre for her passion, kindness, joy, adventurous and jovial nature. “When it comes to family, she goes above and beyond. She tends to put others’ needs before hers. She is always seeking ways to improve our lives. She pushes me to be better, showing me affection every chance she gets. Her laughter makes me laugh; you will rarely see her without that beautiful smile. She also loves her own way and enjoys trying new things. She is my peace and my support.”

    The duet went on to sing melodies of love and happiness for over 18 years before Glendon made the love of his life his wife. They discussed the vision with Let’s Talk Weddings Ja’s Shonick McFarlane and went on the road to become bride and groom.

    “I didn’t want the headache of doing the planning on my own. I’m a business owner and my husband is a tour operator; we had no time to plan. We just told her our colours and what we expected, and she came through,” she said.

    On their anniversary, 19 years later, Nadia and Glendon sealed their love in holy matrimony. The bride entered the ceremony at Christar Villas in a white poofy ball gown boasting a sweetheart neckline to meet her excited groom. “From walking up the aisle and saying ‘I do’, to the reception, everything was perfect. The best moment for me was Glendon’s reaction when he turned to take my hand from my mom.”

    For the groom, the wedding was amazing, “Being next to someone who you love and adore and share everything with is an amazing feeling. I finally married the love of my life.”

    The newly-weds shared a romantic first dance as husband and wife to Luther Vandross’ Here and Now.



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