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    Dark neck: Know the causes, preventive steps, and treatment

    We all pay special attention to our faces and hair, ensuring to keep them healthy and happy. But, we often forget the body part that holds them together — the neck. This lack of care can often result in the skin tone around the region becoming uneven. But it is not just that, along with poor hygiene, certain medical conditions can also lead to the darkening of the neck.

    Dermatologist Dr Madhuri Agarwal shared some simple ways to prevent and treat the darkening of the neck.

    “There’s no denying that dark neck can be upsetting. To deal with it, knowing the cause of a dark neck is important.” the dermatologist said.

    Dr Agarwal listed the following causes:

    *Poor hygiene
    *Irritation and friction
    *High insulin levels
    *Acanthosis Nigricans (dark, velvety patches within the folds of the skin)
    *Other underlying skin conditions and certain medications

    Before you start treating (or start looking for treatments) to treat dark neck, it is important to understand the causes, according to the dermatologist. “You could do this by observing your skin around the neck or by consulting your dermatologist. The first step is prevention. It is vital to avoid indulging in habits that could trigger friction or irritation.”

    She also suggested ways to prevent the situation from aggravating further:

    *Cleanse yourself well, and on a regular basis.
    *Apply sunscreen on both front and back of the neck.
    *Avoid wearing high neck shirts/turtle necks or heavy accessories around the neck. These may rub against your skin and lead to further friction.
    *Do not go harsh on your skin and scrub your neck vigorously in order to cleanse it. Be regular and gentle with it.
    *Weight loss is also an important factor to get rid of the skin folds that usually darken first.

    Depending upon the condition and its severity, dermatologists suggest the following treatments of dark neck.

    *Creams that contain glycolic acid and retinol
    *Chemical peels
    *Dermal infusion
    *Laser therapy

    “Personally, I find the ‘diagnose first, treat second’ approach effective. With knowing the exact cause of the problem, comes the exact treatment to it,” she concluded.

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