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    Fashion and cricket a ‘hit’ in new ASHYA campaign | Lifestyle

    Combining fashion, cultural vibrancy, sport and sustainability while bowling the style set over, luxury leather accessory brand ASHYA continues to capture the essence of what it means to celebrate the beauty of global black and indigenous communities with its newest campaign featuring cricketer Andre Bailey.

    When developing ASHYA, cofounders Ashley Cimone and Moya Annece wanted storytelling to be at its core because “as an American and Jamaican design-duo, with a clear vision of evolving as a heritage brand, we feel the importance of sharing stories through imagery that take root in our cultures,” said Annece who is originally from Spanish Town.

    Why mix cricket with the brand? “Cricket has always been a strikingly beautiful sport. One aspect we’ve always admired is the unified sense of pride Caribbean people have for the sport. We were captivated by Kingston Cricket Club’s batsman and bowler Andre Bailey and wanted to showcase the hand-free utilitarian nature of each of our styles,” said Annece.

    Of the ASHYA design process Annece said they consider practicality, gender-inclusively, and quality first, to create products that unify style and utility through multifunctional and pragmatic gender-neutral designs.

    Now, after five years of operating as a New York-based brand, ASHYA is actively working on expanding to Jamaica and having a significant presence on the island through local production, curated shopping experiences, and lots more, being more than just a fashion statement, but a continued reflection of their values and purpose.



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