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    Fit for Training: Mikhail Gittens prepared for a healthy future | Lifestyle

    As a child, Mikhail Gittens was always active in the sporting arena, which ignited his passion for wellness. Once he got older, fitness became even more important. Today, he prepares himself and others for a healthy future.

    “I wanted to start practising proper health and being active as a preventative action, rather than [being] corrective due to self-neglect. I understood early that health and fitness done now would improve my overall quality of living long term,” he told The Gleaner.

    For Gittens, his wellness journey has shifted his perspective and attitude towards life. “It has allowed me to view challenges much differently [and] improved my discipline, consistency and commitment in what I do outside of the gym.”

    The typical day starts with a morning of exercise. This, he says, stimulates his body and brain to conquer the day with a greater outlook and more energy.

    “I currently have six meal intakes a day: three are solid meals, two are meal shakes which I take through Herbalife Nutrition. I also have a snack consisting of proteins and carbs, which I prefer to get from fruits,” he shared.

    With his goal set on gaining size and muscle mass, Gittens has aligned his nutrition accordingly: “My approach to training is dedicating each muscle group [to] its own training day.”

    Working out five to six days per week, each session, which is usually spent at the gym, lasts 60 to 90 minutes. He starts with compound lifts to exert energy and wraps things up with isolation exercises that require less. “Both compound and isolation produce a different type of result,” he said, adding, “Although I train in the gym, I love to get outdoors to perform my cardio and high-intensity interval training.”

    As a wellness entrepreneur, this personal trainer gives full credit to his own health and fitness journey for his dedication, commitment, consistency, growth and success.

    So how exactly did he transition from training himself to transforming the lives of clients? That attention and focus he paid to himself attracted the eyes of others who wanted to see the same or similar results. Once he began helping them to change formed habits, seeing the drastic improvements in their lives encouraged them to keep going. That was all the motivation Gittens needed; he was definitely fit for this job. “It was a feeling of fulfilment that I never got before, and I knew right away it’s what I was called to do, and made the commitment to help as many as possible [to] experience the same.”

    Motivating and educating others has provided the best experience. Not only is this wellness coach able to mentally and emotionally connect with his clients who see the value in making positive changes and being consistent in that regard, he has also taken the opportunity to elevate his own way of learning from a fitness and behavioural standpoint.

    “I started training and coaching as a side opportunity around my day job as a banker until my health and fitness business started growing, to the point where I needed those hours back in my day to pour back into my coaching and training business, which I had a deeper passion for.

    I became a full-time Herbalife health coach and fitness trainer in 2018 and today run my entire business online and virtually,” Gittens revealed.

    He is intentional about achieving results; he provides a challenge in order to stimulate growth and evolution; his training supplies a better understanding as to their why; and the journey from both a client and coach perspective is truly rewarding.

    So how do you actively work towards your goals? You have to first tackle the mental elements. “The mental aspect is what I like to call the root to change,” he said, noting, “As you transform your body, it’s very important that your mindset is also transforming along with it. The better your mindset is on your journey, the stronger your roots and foundation will be. The mind is where discipline is formed and without discipline, you won’t achieve what you need. There will always be days [when] you don’t feel like doing it or showing up, but with the right mindset, you will still show up and do the work, regardless.”

    Declaring that the journey is not a sprint, seeing his clients’ physical and mental transformations has been very empowering. Each transformation inspires him to reach and create more life-changing stories.



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