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    Follow These Diet And Lifestyle Tips To Stay Warm Naturally

    Cold wave in north India: Add desi ghee to your diet to stay warm

    After a slight relief in temperature this week, it’s may be time to prepare for a never-like-before cold wave. A weather expert has predicted that the temperature in the plains can dip as far as -4 degrees Celcius next week in North India, including Delhi and many other states. The temperature is likely to drop between January 14 and 19. The India Meteorological Department has also said that Delhi and its neighbouring states might experience a cold wave from Saturday.

    As per the predictions, the temperature is likely to drop severely, soon. It is wise to prepare well for the upcoming harsh weather. Staying warm can help prevent seasonal health ailments. Increasing core body temperature naturally can help you stay warm and beat the cold weather outside. To help you stay healthy, here are a few easy-to-follow diet and lifestyle tips that will help you stay warm naturally.

    Diet and lifestyle tips to stay warm naturally

    1. Drink hot beverages

    If you are sipping tea or coffee several times a day this winter, it is time to explore other healthy options. You can try drinks like tulsi tea, kadha, turmeric milk, cinnamon milk and homemade hot chocolate to stay warm naturally.

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    2. Add winter foods to your diet

    The winter season offers several seasonal foods that can raise your body’s temperature and help you stay warm from the inside. Root vegetables, dried fruits like figs and dates, jaggery, sesame seeds, nuts and mustard are some of these.

    3. Add ghee to your diet

    Desi ghee can offer you endless health benefits when consumed in the right quantity. It should also be your winter essential. Desi ghee can keep your body warm and offer several other health benefits. You can cook food in desi ghee or add some of it to freshly cooked meals.


    You can use desi ghee for cooking meals in winter season
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    4. Do not skip spices

    During the summer season, many usually avoid consuming spices because of their heat content. The winter season is the best time to bring them to use. Adding spices like cloves, cinnamon and ginger can not only enhance the taste of the food but also provide you extra warmth.

    5. Exercise indoors

    Staying physically active increases blood flow and helps you feel warm. As it is not possible to step outside for a workout, you can try indoor exercises. Doing daily chores can also keep you physically active.

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    6. Layer well

    It is the first and foremost step that can help you stay warm in the winter season. Along with multiple layers of woolen clothes, it is extremely important to cover your head and feet with a woolen cap and socks, respectively.

    7. Avoid alcohol

    You might feel warmer soon after drinking alcohol but it does not increase your core body temperature. Also, it can disturb your body’s natural ability to maintain the right temperature.


    Limit your alcohol consumption in winter season
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    8. Focus on iron and vitamin B12

    Deficiency of both iron and vitamin B12 can lead to anemia. People with anemia have fewer red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body which can make them chilly. Therefore, add enough food sources of iron and vitamin B12 to your diet.

    Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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