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    I got advice from 90-year-olds — their tips for a great life

    A New York entrepreneur and content creator went viral when he revealed the 40 poignant pieces of advice he received from 90-year-olds ahead of his 32nd birthday.

    Sahil Bloom shared the advice in a Twitter thread with his 834,000 followers after asking “several 90-year-olds what advice they would give to their 32-year-old selves.”

    The heartwarming thread went viral with the initial tweet gathering 19.5 million views in just a few days.

    “Now and then, break out the fancy china and drink the good wine for no reason at all,” the first piece of advice read.

    The touching thread continues with wholesome recommendations to “dance at weddings until your feet are sore” and “tell your partner you love them every night before falling asleep” because “someday you’ll find the other side of the bed empty and wish you could.” The wise elders also warned not to “fear sadness, as it tends to sit right next to love” and to “treat your body like a house you have to live in for another 70 years.”

    Sahil Bloom created a Twitter thread listing the advice that he received from some elderly folks — like Hank, 95, and Phyllis, pictured here — ahead of his 32nd birthday.

    They also instructed their younger selves to “never raise your voice, except for at a ballgame” and “do one good deed every single day, but never tell anyone about it.”

    These ninety-year-olds also advised that “time doesn’t heal anything when it comes to relationships” so “don’t delay difficult conversations” and to “find the things that make your eyes light up” and do them more often.

    They also encouraged their 32-year-old selves to “always remind yourself that your track record for making it through your bad days is perfect.”

    The other 30 points of sage advice continue on themes of addressing tough situations head-on, being positive, loving others and loving oneself.

    Bloom ended his thread noting that his key takeaway is that “time is precious” and that everyone should “cherish it.”

    He recommended that everyone ask their older loved ones the same question and see what wisdom they have to share.

    Other sage advice? “Laugh loudly and unapologetically whenever you feel like it.”



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