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    Inside Jenna Coleman’s celeb lifestyle after Blackpool childhood, Emmerdale and Doctor Who

    As if Blackpool wasn’t iconic enough, one of the nations favourite actresses hails from the seaside town.

    Jenna Coleman is a name known in many households all for various reason. The actress, who is only 36-year-old, is already a favourite through generations through her varied and illustrious film reel.

    The Blackpool star has appeared in soaps, dramas and even in major films starring big name actors. Before her acting career took off, Jenna attended Arnold School in Blackpool, where she was head girl and played an active role in the regional theatre company In Yer Space.

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    When she was only 10 years old, Jenna played the role of Bridesmaid in the play Summer Holiday. At 18, she had a starring role in the play Crystal Clear at the Edinburgh Festival for which she won an award.

    It was at this stage of her life when her professional career began after producers approached her to take part in ITV soap Emmerdale. Jenna turned down a place at the University of York studying English to take up the role of Jasmine Thomas in 2005 appeared on the screens of thousands of households up and down the country.

    However this was only the beginning of her career as in the spring of 2009, the soap star joined Waterloo Road, as Lindsay James and subsequently left Emmerdale. After several roles in BBC dramas, Jenna made her feature film debut in 2011 after she appeared briefly in the Marvel hit Captain America: The First Avenger as a woman called Connie.

    Jenna’s big break came in 2012 when she was cast in Doctor Who. Then producer Steven Moffat confirmed at a press conference that the Blackpool actor would play the companion of the Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, having previously appeared in a one-off role in the show.

    Jenna became the star of the show in ITV’s Victoria drama (Jenna Coleman/Instagram)

    Playing the role of Clara Oswald, Jenna was a regular feature on the BBC sci-fi show, acting alongside Matt Smith, and his successor Peter Capaldi. Jenna left Doctor Who in 2015, embarking on the main role in Queen Victoria in an eight-part ITV drama.

    It’s safe to say Jenna’s life has gone on a long way since her humble beginnings in Blackpool and as fans will know she regularly takes parts in events and photoshoots, her private life remains exactly that- private. Jenna has amassed a following of one million on her Instagram account posting mostly professional shots whilst on set and taking part in photo shoots.

    Avid fans of the actress will find very little evidence of her personal life on her highly followed feed but there are a few breadcrumbs leading back to her childhood that offer a touching glimpse into her life.

    Jenna and her older brother Ben in their childhood (Jenna Coleman/Instagram)
    Jenna and her older brother Ben in their childhood (Jenna Coleman/Instagram)

    Jenna shared a touching memory of her childhood with a picture of her a child and her older brother Ben. The image shows the brother and sister duo squeezed onto a single swing in what look likes a back garden.

    Likely to be a blast from the past from her Blackpool hometown, Jenna shared the image of a much younger her before the prospect of being an award winning actress was ever made real. Jenna and Ben offered the camera a sheepish look as they were covered in mud whilst playing outside.

    Jenna posted a throwback picture of her in her youth (Jenna Coleman/Instagram)
    Jenna posted a throwback picture of her in her youth (Jenna Coleman/Instagram)

    Offering another throwback to her childhood, Jenna posted another image of her younger self, this time the actress was slightly older and wore a very smart looking black outfit, hair slicked back and a black choker necklace around her neck. Young Jenna stood beside a vintage mahogany chest of drawers covers with antiques and home touches.

    She posted the image alongside of actress Christina Ricci who played Wednesday Adams in the Adams Family offering a likeness to the character.

    Fast forward to her life today, Jenna has posted very few glimpses of her home away from Blackpool. During the initial lockdown in the summer of 2020, Jenna posted the reality of having to run lines and record from home.

    Behind the scene of Jenna's virtual theatre performance (Jenna Coleman/Instagram)
    Behind the scene of Jenna’s virtual theatre performance (Jenna Coleman/Instagram)

    The actress posted a behind the scenes images of a virtual theatre performance she became a part of during lockdown. Her set up included a metal stand, a ring light and monitor all packed into a quiet corner of spare room in the house.

    Jenna placed her set up directly in front of a rustic looking wooden fireplace with a magazine rack at the bottom of the picture, books on a shelf on the fireplace and a mirror hung up on the wall. The image offered a very stripped back and cosy look into the stars life.

    During this time, she also posted a selfie in the garden. On a very bright and sunny day, Jenna wore a white t-shirt with a heart etched on front and ‘love wins’ written inside the heart. The ITV actress stood in front of a lovely green bush dotted with pink flowers. In the background, fans could spot what might be the star’s house fronted with stunning square paned window and rustic bricks.

    Jenna posted this picture from her garden (Jenna Coleman/Instagram)
    Jenna posted this picture from her garden (Jenna Coleman/Instagram)

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