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    La Quinta’s Coral Mountain – a lifestyle Shangri-La?

    I have no position on the recent approval of the Coral Mountain development in La Quinta. However, I must share my amusement with the developer’s ability to inject virtually all the contemporary buzzwords into his presentation. Who could object to a project that will be “holistic,” “encourage a healthy lifestyle,” “nurture the spirit” and provide “farm-to-table” amenities?  I believe the only omission was that the project will adhere to all aspects of “sustainability.” Will these wonderful attributes actually be measured over time?

    Paul Seideman, Rancho Mirage

    MAGA’s distorted views continue to affect our future

    Former President Donald Trump continues to fuel disinformation to his base, many of whom believe Trump’s election fraud; that forces are changing our country for the worse and the American way of life is disappearing. Trump continues to reinforce their belief that they are being displaced by communities of color, feminists and immigrants. Many MAGA supporters reveal strong beliefs that Trump bears no responsibility for the events of Jan. 6. What drives some of the Trump wing of the Republican Party builds on the Tea Party movement of a decade ago, according to a 2019 Pew Research study.

    It is unsettling to me that they have such a distorted opinion of our country and the MAGA movement’s distorted view of race, gender and immigration status. This is the lens in which to view the MAGA movement. Trump and his movement are an irrefutable threat to our democracy. It is so important that Democrats disregard President’ Biden’s age and consider his accomplishments and reelect him in 2024 to safeguard and preserve our democracy. But will the MAGA wing accept President Biden as a legitimate President, or will they support another insurrection?  Democrats must vote in larger numbers to clinch the election affirming President Biden’s win.

    Roxie Bivinetto, Palm Desert



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