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    life: Eye on lifestyle, PM breathes LiFE into environment fight | India News

    NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday launched a global initiative ‘Lifestyle for the Environment (LiFE) movement’ with an aim to promote an environment conscious lifestyle that focuses on ‘mindful and deliberate utilisation’ instead of ‘mindless and destructive consumption’.
    He appealed to the people across the globe to follow the principle of “reuse, reduce and recycle” and said, “Our planet is one but our efforts have to be many. One earth, many efforts” — remarks that put focus on equity, climate justice, resource use efficiency and circularity. The launch of the global initiative coincided with the World Environment Day .

    “Reduce, reuse and recycle are the concepts woven in our life. The circular economy has been an integral part of our culture and lifestyle,” said Modi while addressing the gathering of top representatives and heads of many UN bodies, multilateral organisations and World Bank during the launch event of the Mission LiFE via video-conference.
    The idea of LiFE was introduced by Modi during the 26th session of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow in November last year, underlining how the lifestyle based on mindful consumption of resources is key to face the challenges of climate change.
    Its launch on Sunday will now initiate ‘LiFE Global Call for Papers’, inviting ideas and suggestions from academics, universities, research institutions and stakeholders to influence and persuade individuals, communities and organisations across the world to adopt an environment-con-scious lifestyle.
    “As the name suggests, Mission LiFE puts individual and collective duty on all of us to do whatever we can for a better planet. The vision of LiFE is to live a lifestyle that is in tune with our planet and does not harm it. And those who live such a lifestyle are called ‘Pro-Planet People’. Mission LiFE borrows from the past, operates in the present and focuses on the future,” said Modi.
    The participants at the launch praised India’s leadership role. “Necessity for collective global action to address climate change has never been greater and India’s role and leadership are crucial to ensure that we reach our climate goals,” said Bill Gates, co-founder Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
    He said, “Ensuring that these innovative technologies are widely adopted will not only require large investments and partnerships between private and public sectors but also demands from individuals. Individual actions will send market signals that will encourage governments and businesses to invest in these innovations and create the breakthroughs we need. ”



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