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    Meet Lifestyle’s Easter team! | Varsity

    Clockwise, from top left: Lara Poole, Rosina Griffiths, Sanah Kashyap, Charmaine Au-Yeung, Alessandra Rey, Jasmine Hearn, Sam HudsonLara Poole, Rosina Griffiths, Sanah Kashyap, Charmaine Au-Yeung, Alessandra Rey, Jasmine Hearn, Sam Hudson

    A new term, a new change of hands at Varsity. That includes a new set of editors and writers in Lifestyle! From relationships to sex, mental health, pickling foods, and trying new pubs for the science, we’re really excited to share our eclectic smorgasbord of interests with you and help you make the most of this last term of the 2021-2022 academic year. Here are a couple of fun facts about us that might tickle your fancy:

    The editors

    Charmaine Au-Yeung does World History at Newnham. When she’s not studying British-Chinese restaurants for her dissertation, she’s probably writing about food, eating food, and/or making food … Really, all she thinks about is food. Cook for her if you want to weasel your way into her heart.

    Lara Poole is a first year student studying English at Newnham. She can mostly be found in the Iris Café pretending she is working on her essay or attempting to show anyone photos of her dog. This term, she is excited to see Cambridge in the summer and try out the different recommendations from our Lifestyle writers!

    Sam Hudson is at Trinity Hall, trying to study Natural Sciences. When he’s not preoccupied by his degree, Sam enjoys rating pubs and pints.

    Sanah Kashyap is currently a History student. She enjoys getting involved with different societies at the University and exploring different scenes of Cambridge life.

    Columnists, Staff, and AskVulture writers

    Rosina Griffiths is at Medwards, studying for an MPhil in Classics. Her goals for her very last term in Cambridge are: to seize every opportunity to be extra with her wardrobe, to tell anyone who will listen about criminally underappreciated female characters in Greek tragedy, and to (finally!) go punting so that she can become a fully qualified Cambridge student before she actually leaves.

    Jasmine Hearn studies Theology at Murray Edwards. She likes writing for Lifestyle; her favourite thing in her life at the moment is the College garden and its beautiful spring flowers. Please come and visit and get Medwards on the map!! Her Co-Star advises that today, she does clean lines, visioning and citrus, and avoids history books, muscle memory and perfectionism. She’ll leave that to speak for itself.

    Alessandra Rey is a first-year undergrad at Hughes Hall studying Education. She spends a crippling amount of money on skincare to apply a gallon of sunscreen a day, only for it to burn her eyes while spending most of her time indoors anyway. She is permanently attached to her hot water bottle and subsists off cartons of orange juice and buckets of hummus.

    When he isn’t drinking in bars across the university, Sam Stern studies History at Robinson College.



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