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    Mommy and mini-me in matching fashion | Lifestyle

    A mommy and me photo session focuses on the special bond between mother and child. For these moms, their shots were the perfect reflection of their journey — where they’ve come from and where they could go — together.


    College student Asha Watson received the best gift that keeps on giving during her last year of university. Although this could have resulted in her throwing in the towel on her studies or a deferral to get those new developments in check, this mother of one championed through her courses to graduate in style.

    While pregnant, she pushed through her assignments until it was time to give birth to her daughter. She even logged into classes while in the hospital, waiting to have her labour induced, and only took two days of break after returning home as a new mother.

    “During COVID time, I was home for classes, so I had to balance school and Atalia,” Watson reminisced. Her little princess became her plus one in virtual classes, so much so that there were days that she was not welcomed because she was unable to share her circumstances. “She was right in my lap for the majority of the classes and there were days she was on [my] breast and I got kicked out of class because I could not turn my camera on.”

    So, when graduation time came around, she was not going to leave out her study partner, she did a mother-daughter photoshoot to capture their accomplishments, “It was she and I right through. I did it with her and I did it for her.”


    A mother of one, Santana Patricia Smith shared that she decided to do a mother-and-son photoshoot because their birthdays are two days apart. When time came to discuss the shoot’s concept, her son Zayhier jumped in with a style suggestion.

    “The outfit idea was actually Zayhier’s idea. He saw the design online and said it would be cool to do African attire. He was the one that told the dressmaker how he wanted the outfits to be styled,” she told Living.

    Being a mom has been a great experience for Santana Smith. Having a little soldier who is of the belief that he has to protect her at all times when she is the one who is his protector, gives insight into the unique bond that they share.

    “Sometimes it gets hard, because I’m very overprotective of him, but I have to remember he’s no longer a baby and I need to give him space,” she admitted.

    Zayhier, she says, is fun, energetic and her number one motivator. “He’s always up for adventure, which tends to keep me on my toes and gives me that balance between work and play. The mother-and-son bond we share is undeniable. Our mother-and-son date nights are the best because he covers the bill, with my money,” she added with a laugh.


    It is easy to categorise Kruze and Konnor as twins, but boy-mom Daynia Sawyers-Humes sought to clear the air by sharing that she had them back-to-back. “I get that they are twins all the time, but Kruze is three years old and Konnor is two,” she revealed. She did a photoshoot in honour of the widely celebrated occasion: Mother’s Day.

    Even though the Humes brothers aren’t twins, Mommy enjoys dressing them alike. And, by the looks of things, it’s fun for them, too, since they are very excited when it’s time to get ready and often race to their room to start the process. “Konnor loves shoes and always heads straight to the closet to take out their shoes. Kruze loves to assist me when I am buying their clothes online. In true big-brother fashion, he always reminds me to buy one of whatever he chooses for Konnor too,” Sawyers-Humes said.

    Surviving two under three (then two under two) during COVID-19 could not have been easy, but she is thankful for her supportive husband and loved ones. “It was beautiful to watch Kruze’s growth from not being interested in his little brother to becoming the most loving and caring big brother. He loved helping to feed him, and, to this day, despite Konnor being able to feed himself, always tries to assist. The most challenging part was feeling guilty and uncertain of whether or not I was giving Kruze and Konnor enough individual attention,” she added.



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