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    New Milan Hot Spots for the Fashion Crowd – WWD

    MILAN — For those tired of the “usual” places, there are new openings all over Milan ready to become the new go-to spots.

    Louis Vuitton

    A new Louis Vuitton destination has just opened in the renovated 1930s building known as the former Traversi garage. Developed on three floors, the first and the second stories are dedicated to retail, the women’s and men’s collections, respectively, recognizable also by the chosen color palette, pink and yellow for women and Keaton blue for men. The top floor will house Louis Vuitton special projects, including pop-ups and artistic exhibitions.

    For the global launch of the Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama collection, the third floor hosts an immersive installation in the world of the Japanese artist. Countless “infinity dots” cover both the floor and the walls. The collection is available for sale: bags, shoes, fragrances and clothing for both men and women. As a final touch, three huge, brightly colored pumpkins are placed on the terrace of the building, the symbol of the artist’s dichotomy representing her alter ego, the symbol of a hostile nature, fears and anxieties and a reassuring memory of her childhood, the house said.

    Louis Vuitton store, Milan.


    Louis Vuitton
    Via Bagutta, 2 – 20121
    Tel. 02-00-66-08888

    Il Marchese Milano

    Roman tradition has arrived in the heart of Milan, in the artistic district of Brera, with Il Marchese. A few steps from the La Scala theater, the restaurant is the second owned by Davide Solari and Lorenzo Renzi, after a first in the Italian capital.

    The elegant tavern offers Roman staples such as Pasta Amatriciana, Cacio e Pepe, Carbonara and Gricia served directly from the pan. The setting is inspired by a much-loved Italian film fronted by Alberto Sordi called “Il Marchese del Grillo” and offers guests the possibility to experience all the charm of 19th century nobility. The location is sophisticated, with its Neoclassical style and highly prized Milanese marble. The specialty is the amaro bar with more than 600 liquors available.

    Il Marchese, Milano

    Il Marchese, Milan.

    Courtesy image

    Il Marchese Milano
    Via dei Bossi, 3 – 20121
    Tel. 02-58-12-4986

    Quadri Bistrot

    “Do it right” is chef Riccardo Quadri’s mantra. He recently started his first solo project with the Quadri Bistrot in Via Solferino, which ranges from aperitifs to fine dining. Quadri reinterprets Italian and French cuisine in a contemporary way, and experiments with seasonal vegetables for an asparagus risotto, for example, or combines scallops from Japan with curry. The drink list is specially compiled by the young bartender, and one of his proposals is the quadri-tini, based on vodka, gin and extra dry vermouth. The lounge, the cocktail bar with the long counter, the living room and the restaurant room are the result of a collaboration with local artisans.

    Quadri Bistrot, Milano

    Quadri Bistrot, Milan.

    Courtesy image

    Quadri Bistrot
    Via Solferino, 48 – 20121
    Tel. 02-47-75-5505

    “Recycling Beauty”

    The concept of recycling, in this case of ancient works, becomes an exhibition at Fondazione Prada. Running until Feb. 27, it focuses on the topical moment in which the ancient piece or ruin abandons its initial condition by acquiring a new meaning through reuse. The project is developed in two of the Foundation buildings: the Podium and the Cistern. The first allows visitors to deal directly with the works allowing a closer examination of the pieces. In the Cistern, on the other hand, the encounter with the objects takes place gradually, promoting different points of view, such as from the narrow perspective of a room built within an already-existing environment. A nucleus of works also underlines how the recycling of a work of art, when transformed into a decoration, ensured its conservation, like the marble table with relief of the life of Achilles (4th century A.D.).

    Exhibition view of “Recycling Beauty” Fondazione Prada, Milan. Courtesy: Fondazione Prada

    Roberto Marossi

    Fondazione Prada
    Largo Isarco, 2 – 20139
    Tel. 02-56-66-2611

    “Max Ernst” exhibit
    German poet, sculptor and art theorist Max Ernst is presented at Palazzo Reale with the first dedicated retrospective show, with 400 works including paintings, sculptures and photographs from museums, foundations and private collections all over the world. The exhibition groups the works in four major periods divided into nine thematic rooms. Among these is “Eros and Metamorphosis,” which reflects the central role that love, friendship and eroticism have had in his poetic choices. Sculpture and the art of the goldsmith, on the other hand, are underlined in the “Pleasure of the Eye,” which also shows the role of nature and the landscape in the artist’s life. For a leap into the Renaissance period, still at Palazzo Reale, the painter Hieronymus Bosch is presented to the public in an exhibition titled “Bosch one another Renaissance.”

    Max Ernst - The Fireside Angel (The Triumph of Surrealism)

    Max Ernst, “The Fireside Angel (The Triumph of Surrealism).”

    Alamy Stock Photo

    Palazzo Reale
    Piazza del Duomo, 12 – 20122
    Tel. 02-88-46-5230

    “Japan. Body Perform Live”

    PAC brings Japan and its history to Milan. With this exhibition, the museum continues its exploration of the continents with contemporary art. The exhibit shows the work of 17 artists born between 1924 and 1987 and how they were influenced by World War II.

    A piece from

    Chiharu Shiota, “After the Dream,” 2011, La Maison Rouge, Paris. Photo Sunhi Mang Copyright SIAE, Roma, 2020 and the artist

    PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea
    Via Palestro, 14 – 20121
    Tel. 02-88-44-6359



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