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    NHS doctors abandoning UK for better pay and lifestyle overseas

    Ms Meinema said the Australian way of life appealed to many medics who had trained in the UK, and struggled with the long hours and high stress.

    “We can offer a different lifestyle, which in many places is centred on the beach, improved work-life balance and the chance to work in hospitals, many of them teaching hospitals that are renowned for acute clinical excellence and highly regarded patient-centred care.”

    Dr Fergus Morris, 34, went from an NHS hospital in Staffordshire to work in Western Australia in 2015 and said he has not looked back.

    Dr Morris, now an A&E consultant, said he had planned a 12-month stint, but found the working conditions and standards of Australian hospitals, combined with higher pay, and an outdoors lifestyle, far superior to those in Britain.

    He said: “Obviously the weather is nice and there’s the surf and sea and sand; I thought it would make a break from working in the UK.

    “But then there are so many other things; there are fewer patients waiting, you are able to see patients in a cubicle rather than a corridor. You get the time to examine patients properly, and to treat them, rather than just have to do everything so rapidly, and pass the patient on.”

    ‘I’m probably earning double what I would in the UK’

    As a junior doctor, he was earning around twice the rates in the UK, with pay rising to around A$300,000 a year (£170,000) in his first year as consultant.

    “I’m probably earning double what I would in the UK,” said Dr Morris, who works at two hospitals in Perth, including one run by St John of God Healthcare.

    Charlie Massey, GMC chief executive said: “We know that many doctors are not leaving UK practice because they have fallen out of love with medicine. Instead, they leave because they cannot tolerate the environments in which it is practised. Doctors who may otherwise have had long careers in this country are leaving the UK profession, talented individuals the system cannot afford to lose.

    “At a time when patients face unprecedented waits for care, and healthcare professionals continue to be under immense pressure, we must do more to turn the tide of talented registrants leaving the NHS.

    “If we want more doctors to flourish and grow their careers here in the UK, we must improve their working environments and make workplaces more inclusive and caring.”



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