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    Rant and Rave: Condo resident’s chocolate Lab is a very good dog

    RAVE to the owner of the chocolate Lab in my friend’s condo building. Rather than jumping all over me in the lobby, the dog just calmly sat down. Likewise in the elevator, the dog also calmly sat down rather than sniffing me. If only all dogs in Seattle were as well-behaved, and if only all dog owners were as sensitive as this dog’s owner, and trained their dogs to get along in society, Seattle would be a better place for everybody, including infants, toddlers and older folks.

    RANT to the many cars, Kias and otherwise, being driven without license plates. I wonder how many of these are stolen or engaged in criminal activities?

    RAVE to the rapid response to citizen reports of potholes. I have twice called to report dangerous, new cave-ins on city streets in Seattle, including one on Monday, Jan. 22. In both instances, the holes were filed within two days! 

    RANT to the low-cost, no-assigned-seats airline for publicly fat-shaming my wonderful daughter-in-law. Flight attendants on two different flights loudly proclaimed, “Did you reserve two seats for yourself?” “We can move you to an exit row because you need more room.” “Oh! You can’t sit in an exit row with a seat belt extender!” This should have been handled quietly and discreetly instead of subjecting her to public humiliation. Not that it is anyone’s business, but my sensitive, kind and caring DIL must take lifesaving medication that causes her to gain weight. The cruelty of these heartless employees brought her to tears on both flights and now she refuses to get on another airplane.

    RAVE to Swedish in Issaquah for their caring, compassionate and competent staff who helped my mom after she broke her hip. She slipped on ice during the record cold and they really showed true colors, especially the general surgical team. Blessings to you all!

    RAVE to Sound Transit employees. My husband and I panicked when we accidentally left a day pack with valuables inside on a Sound Transit 512 express bus from Northgate (where we’d gotten off the light rail from the airport) to the Lynnwood Transit Center. We realized our loss shortly after the bus left the transit center heading for Everett. We spoke to the bus driver on the next express bus that arrived. He sent out an alert to all #512 bus drivers about the lost day pack and alerted the Sound Transit supervisor on duty that evening at Lynnwood Transit Center. The day pack was found, with all valuables inside and the supervisor drove to North Lynnwood to retrieve the bag. Many thanks to them and all the #512 bus drivers who responded to the alert about our missing bag. This was a case of excellent customer service with many members of the Sound Transit team working together to help customers. You made our day!

    RAVE to the beautiful new Metropolitan Market grocery store on Crown Hill. Special rave for repurposing an existing building rather than building a new one. Rave for a bicycle rack outside and delicious food inside!



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