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    Rant and Rave: Firefighters made fun memory for toddler

    RANT to parents and grandparents who attend youth and even high school athletics and persist in screaming out coaching advice to their family members competing on the field. It does not help and often confuses them, not to mention embarrasses them. It’s your job to encourage and support them and their team. Leave the coaching to the coaches.

    RAVE to Station 8 firefighters. A neighbor accompanied by a 3-year-old happened upon firefighters replenishing the engine’s water tank from a hydrant. The crew showed the youngster the workings of the engine, let the child help roll up the hoses, and provided a firefighter sticker. Great community service that the young person will long remember. 

    RANT AND RAVE Rant to those who amplify, enhance or boost the sound of their vehicle’s engine. Rave to anyone who can explain the appeal, desire or necessity to do this. 



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