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    Rasher McNeish, a lawyer with self-care in mind | Lifestyle

    “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” What Rasher McNeish conceives, she will likely achieve. A lawyer and realtor by day, this professional takes back the night by creating free moments, just for her. Never losing sight of her goals, this loving self-indulgence gave rise to a new movement designed to prioritising the art of pampering and relaxation. It is for that reason that she is also the owner and chief executive officer of La Bella Moodz.

    “Not because you’re a professional means that you should neglect yourself. When you look good and you feel good, it’s just amazing. It translates into your day. There are a lot of beautiful and successful people out there,” she told The Gleaner.

    McNeish has always been a prodigy for excellence. For as long as she could remember, she exuded brilliance and stood for justice. Initially, she wanted to become a psychologist, but along life’s journey, she decided to go with her second choice. “In a way, law chose me. I always want to see the right things done and I’ve always wanted to make a difference. Law is a facilitator of that. I never want to leave the world in the same way I came and saw it,” she said.

    Before becoming a lawyer, she was an active member of the Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network. “As a youth advocate, I lobbied for sexual and reproductive rights for young women and teenage girls. I got a lot of training, international training too, and even participated in World AIDS Day, going to school.”

    Since diving into conveyance law, the lawyer has thoroughly enjoyed closing deals, settling disputes, and making dreams a reality. Because she runs her practice, others began querying about whether or not she handled the sale or rental of properties as well, so McNeish decided to follow through on deals and tap into a career as a realtor. “Being a realtor is secondary to law. Law is primary,” she added.

    There are days where she starts with her clients as a lawyer and concludes that chapter, discharging her duties on that transaction, only to start anew as a realtor, seeing the story to a happy ending. The fact that they sometimes interlock, however, does not negate the fact that they are two very distinct businesses.

    So how exactly does one person juggle two jobs and still find ‘me time’? It’s not easy, she said, but with commitment and having the right people in her corner, she can do what is necessary and take some time for herself. A firm believer in completing tasks in a timely manner, there is no time for lagging in the work department.

    On a personal note, she doesn’t smoke or drink and she works out at least four days per week. “I can’t let a week pass and I don’t do anything, no matter how busy I am. Even if it means working out, showering, and going back to work, I’m getting it done,” she said.

    Her dedication to unwinding from long and hard days saw her making a smooth transition into cosmetic entrepreneurship.

    “La Bella Moodz reflects the various happy moods that you would go through. We offer scented candles like serenity, love story, fantasy, happiness, and exotica, as well as massage oils. We also have body butters like pink passion, kingdom, awakening, rocket, wanderlust, dreamland, and pure seduction, as well as body washes. These are for both males and females,” she highlighted. They are currently in several pharmacies and are being shipped internationally.

    This entrepreneur chose all the names of the scents for herself, letting those notes take her on a journey to give them proper titles. The process wasn’t difficult; she thought about it in a practical way, tying it back to the name of the company and the various happy, sensual, and good moods you go through.

    In her line of work, she’s found that clients, friends, and society at large weren’t systemising mental health. “The world came to a pause during the Covid-19 pandemic and it gave everyone, myself included, some time to think,” she said, adding, “time, support, knowledge of knowing and cost are hindering factors of self-care”. So this humanitarian wanted to help others follow the same rubric that has attributed to her balance and success, educating them in the process.

    “A man cannot give what he doesn’t have. Covid-19 taught us that balance is important. And engaging in self-care makes you feel better mentally,” she said. So it was a no-brainer to start this company.

    Since giving birth to her pandemic business baby in 2021, she has received wonderful reviews about the high quality, accessibility, and affordability of the products. “When the products hit the market, I was making only women’s products at the time. As they grew popular, the men would ask, ‘Well, what about us,’ and so I branched out into catering for men’s care as well.”

    Delivering personally to her clients in Kingston and Portmore, she has developed a rapport with them that warms her heart. By engaging them in conversation, she can make recommendations accordingly. “People in Jamaica like to know that they have access to the owners. They develop brand loyalty from that,” she shared.

    Not perturbed by obstacles, McNeish is happy that the business is doing well. She is also excited to be helping others tap into the luxury of pampering themselves. “It did so well that I had to continue. The aim is to spread good and positive vibes.” She hopes to become the next best thing and be a household name, in all aspects.



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