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    Remembering James Edward Eames, longtime resident of Baytown | Lifestyle

    On Thursday, July 7, 2022, God saw fit to call James Edward Eames home to be with Him in Heaven. God knows best, and he is now at rest. He was a longtime resident of Baytown, loving husband, father, stepfather, grandfather and friend to many and is someone who will truly be missed. I was introduced to Mr. Eames by Mr. Monroe Nichols, Jr. (2013 PVILCA Hall of Fame football inductee). Being a member of the Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church Brotherhood in Baytown, I had an opportunity to see this elderly gentleman serve as the secretary of the Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church Brotherhood.  He was an extremely active man for his age.

    James Edward Eames was born to Eula and Lee Sawyer Eames on May 12, 1935 in Marshall, Texas. He was baptized at an early age and graduated from Pemberton High School in Marshall, Texas at the age of sixteen.

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