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    Rishi Sunak’s wife Akshata Murty is richer than King Charles; Here’s a look at Sudha Murty’s daughter’s lifestyle and net worth – Lifestyle News

    UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murty now possess more personal wealth than King Charles, according to the latest Sunday Times Rich List.

    The Sunday Times Rich List ranks the 1,000 wealthiest individuals and families residing in the United Kingdom by their net worth. This year, the couple’s fortune saw an impressive increase of over £120 million, rising from £529 million in 2023 to £651 million in 2024, surpassing the wealth of King Charles.


    Murty attended Baldwin Girls’ High School, Bangalore, and in 1998 studied economics and French at Claremont McKenna College in California. She furthered her education by earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Stanford University. Later, she started her own fashion company called Akshata Designs and invested in tech companies, making her lots of money.


    Besides being a big shot in business, Akshata is also a loving wife and mom. Since 2009 she has been married to Rishi Sunak, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and leader of the Conservative Party. They have two daughters – Anoushka and Krishna. She juggles her busy work life with taking care of her family.


    Inspired by her mom’s charity work, Sudha Murty, Akshata also gives back to the community. She supports projects that help people who need it, showing her kind heart. She recently has also donated her shares in the childcare company Koru Kids to charity.

    Living the High Life:

    Akshata and her family live in fancy houses in London and go to fancy parties. Murty and Sunak own a portfolio of impressive properties. Their real estate holdings include a luxurious five-bedroom house in Kensington, London, valued at £7 million. Additionally, they have a stunning residence in Santa Monica, California. These properties reflect their affluent lifestyle and keen investment sense.

    In 2010, Akshata Murty launched her fashion label, Akshata Designs. Her brand is known for blending Indian and Western styles, creating unique fusion clothing. She collaborates with artists from remote villages in India, ensuring her designs are deeply rooted in Indian culture. As highlighted in a 2011 Vogue profile, Murty’s clothes serve as “vehicles to discovering Indian culture.”

    Net worth

    Murty’s wealth grew by £122 million last year. Together, their estimated net worth rose from £529 million in 2023 to £651 million, as per the latest list by Sunday Times.



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