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    Sadie Ann Art offers playful creations with local humor | Lifestyle

    With a knack for combining bright pop art elements and CHamoru humor, Mercede Ann Marie Sasamoto Carbullido’s creations stand out as a unique choice for planner and stationery affectionados, or those looking to liven up their desk space with playful pieces.

    Desk planner from Sadie Ann Art.

    Carbullido, 28, started Sadie Ann Art in January 2021. Sadie Ann Art is known in the local community for fan favorites like a weekly desk planner — which features a light blue and white color palette, sketches of milk cartons and blocky letters across the top that exclaim “Leche! It’s a new week already?!” — or the popular “Dågan Gang” peach-colored stickers and keychains.

    “I kind of just like to make it a little funny. I use ‘leche’, you know, the slang that we use in the island. I like creating things from the island and making it fun,” Carbullido said.

    Sadie Ann Art offers playful creations with local humor

    Mercede Ann Marie Sasamoto Carbullido, 28, creates stationery and other products featuring bright pop art elements and CHamoru humor.

    Started as a side hustle

    While she always had a creative flair, Carbullido became passionate about graphic design and experimenting in Adobe when she was in seventh grade.

    Her small business initially started as a side hustle.

    “I was only a part-time worker and a part-time student and I needed the extra money. I had a printer at home and I just bought some cardstock and some sticker paper. I was just creating tags and goodies for parties and weddings,” Carbullido said.

    It took some trial and error to find her signature style and work flow. As she struggled with some early challenges, Carbullido stopped her efforts and then reopened during the pandemic after refocusing her approach and revamping her brand.

    Sadie Ann Art offers playful creations with local humor

    Sticker from Sadie Ann Art.

    “This time, I really wanted to make this something. I started again, with stickers. I just changed everything because I felt like I was just catering to what people wanted me to do. I think that’s why I had so many creative blocks,” Carbullido said.

    Carbullido taught herself how to use Adobe and other graphic design tools.

    Branded as a “one-stop stationery shop,” Carbullido designed her own website and her planners, stickers, pins and other creations can be purchased at Her Instagram account, @sadieann_art, offers a colorful and creatively stylized gallery of her work.


    Sadie Ann Art is also now available for purchase at the local vintage shop Idyllwyld.

    Sadie Ann Art offers playful creations with local humor

    Stationery from Sadie Ann Art.

    “It was funny because Jamey, the owner, messaged me on Etsy. At first I was like, ‘This sounds too good to be true,’ and I thought it was just one of those scams, but then I was just like, let me give it a try,” Carbullido said.

    While her products remain locally inspired — other signature offerings include a “Cherry like Auntie Mary” keychain and Kikkoman soy sauce patterned notebooks — Carbullido also takes some cues from pop culture trends.

    Her latest, Halloween-inspired release will include a “Stranger Things”-themed keychain.

    Carbullido, who grew up in Saipan and moved to Guam in 2016, hopes to one day expand and bring her products back to Saipan.

    “I always tell young artists or my friends that want to start, I always just tell them to do it. Just start now, because honestly, you don’t really know when’s the right time. If you want to do it, do it now, Carbullido said.

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