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    Singer, Songwriter and Actor Jencarlos Canela to Launch Personal and Professional Lifestyle NFT Series On The ReserveBlock RBX Network With Interactive Fan Voting To Determine Release Direction and Outcomes

    MIAMI, Aug. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — American singer, songwriter, and actor phenom Jencarlos Canela announced today to his 4 million social media followers & fans, that he will be releasing a personal and professional lifestyle NFT series utilizing the ReserveBlock ( protocol. The series will cover a variety of both personal and professional aspects of Jencarlos’ life and career including music, acting and lifestyle interactions, mental health and life performance coaching and exclusive apparel subscriptions. The series is expected to be extremely diverse and packed with unique utility that deliver well beyond digital ownership by way of ongoing experiences, interactivity, and collaboration with Canela himself and potentially even royalty sharing. 

    For the first time in history, fans who wish to participate in these one-of-a-kind issuances, will become part of Jencarlos’ creative process with this series by way of casting their vote and comments on a site launched by Canela himself. Voting will be casted directly with Canela and help shape which series will be launched first as well as influence the programing of each prior to minting.  Voting will potentially extend into certain features of each series enabling on-going interaction from fans as each NFT evolves with holders. 

    The actor and composer, who recently starred in ‘The Man from Toronto‘ with Kevin Hart, stated “I have wanted to create an NFT series for a while now, but I really wanted to create them by connecting with my fans in ways not seen before!  While this is incredibly exciting to me, I am empowering my fans to be involved with deciding which series I release first and help shape the features for each! To me, this is what NFTs should really be about… connecting and interacting with utility that has multiple possibilities and outcomes.  I’m absolutely looking forward to seeing what we create together.”         

    Voting site details will be announced by the end of September and voting will be open for a two-week period where the final direction of the series will be determined.

    About the ReserveBlock RBX Network

    RBX is the first open-source decentralized NFT Centric Blockchain that enables true peer-to-peer operability for the minting and trading of NFTs with or without the need of a centralized authority. With an ecosystem that provides a full suite of on-chain tools, RBX reduces common frictions and burdens by providing an environment for anyone and everyone to participate with transparent trustless features all through a core wallet or web wallet by either validating on the network and / or writing a smart contract without the need-to-know code whatsoever.The RBX network is currently in mainnet beta.

    For Jencarlos Canela and RBX Further Inquiries:
    Jencarlos Canela:
    Instagram: @jencarlosmusic

    Press Contact:
    Chelsea Oliver[email protected]

    SOURCE ReserveBlock Foundation



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