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    TNS Lifestyle Budget for Friday, Jan. 6, 2023


    Can this diabetes drug really slow aging, curb weight gain, reduce dementia? What’s behind the Metformin craze?

    HEALTH-METFORMIN:SJ — Is an ancient compound the new “wonder drug”?

    Metformin, a common medication to control diabetes, has become the controversial darling of tech’s health-conscious digerati who are enticed by preliminary research suggesting it might help promote longevity, reduce dementia and prevent a whole host of other conditions – including, most recently, long COVID.

    1120 words by Lisa M. Krieger, The Mercury News. MOVED


    A firework blew up in her hand. This teen responded with courage and resilience

    LA-TEEN-FIREWORKS-INJURY:LA — LOS ANGELES — In the hospital, La’Veyah Mosley struggled at first to understand what had happened. The 12-year-old girl woke up with both arms covered in layers of gauze.

    “Do I have fingers?” she asked her mother, Staneisha Matthews.

    2092 words by Melissa Gomez, Los Angeles Times. MOVED


    Want to donate a kidney or liver? This new Center for Living Donation aims to increase live donors for patients in need

    HEALTH-LIVING-ORGANDONORS:PH — PHILADELPHIA — Penn Medicine has opened a Center for Living Donation, bringing under one roof its services for patients who receive kidney, liver, and uterus transplants with organs donated by living people.

    By pooling the resources of these programs, Penn leaders hope to increase the number of live transplants, expedite care for people waiting for organs from deceased donors, and address racial disparities among those who benefit from organ transplants.

    893 words by Sarah Gantz, The Philadelphia Inquirer. MOVED


    UC Berkeley will teach psychedelic guides how to facilitate ‘shrooms,’ hallucinogenic drugs

    HEALTH-PSYCHEDELIC-GUIDES:SJ — BERKELEY, Calif. — Helping someone taking magic mushrooms have a “good trip” can mean keeping them hydrated or playing Grateful Dead records to safely enjoy the ride.

    But in the right setting, it can also become a form of therapy.

    1010 words by Katie Lauer, The Mercury News. MOVED




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