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    Top Spots for Off-Grid Lifestyle in Washington

    Do you feel the allure of living off-grid?  Across the U.S., more people want a simpler, more self-sufficient lifestyle.

    The interior of Alaska offers hunting, fishing, and a life close to nature.  Flathead Valley, Montana, has plenty of land suitable for homesteading and self-sufficient living.

    If you want to reconnect and lead a simpler life, three counties in Washington state have landed on a list of the top choices for those eager to go off-grid, whether for a short-term retreat or a long-term lifestyle change.

    To find the most sought-after destinations for off-grid living, surveyed 3,000 respondents. Here are the top five destinations:

    #1 Wasco County, Oregon
    Wasco County was featured in the Netflix series ‘Wild Wild Country,’ about the controversial Rajneeshpuram community led by Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in the 1980s. The renewed interest in the off-grid community in Wasco County.

    #2 Hot Springs County, Wyoming
    Hot Springs County in central Wyoming offers natural hot springs, rivers, and mountains. The remote area has the seclusion and resources necessary for an off-grid lifestyle.

    #3 Meriwether County, Georgia
    Meriwether County has large parcels of land for sale. A strong agricultural community and plenty of natural resources help to support anyone leading an off-grid lifestyle.

    #4 Bienville Parish, Louisiana
    Bienville Parish attracts the off-grid community for it’s forests and water bodies. The remote areas offer plenty of privacy for alternative living.

    #5 Somerset County, Maine
    Somerset County in central Maine is filled with vast forests and access to rivers and lakes. The low population and natural beauty are ideal for the off-grid lifestyle.

    Three Counties in Washington make the list for top choices to live off-grid

    #70 Okanogan County
    Okanogan County is the largest of Washington’s 39 counties and is located in North Central Washington, along the Canadian border.  The Okanogan offers vast wilderness areas, with forests, rivers, and mountains. The sparsely populated area and natural beauty are an obvious choice for off-grid living.

    #76 Jefferson County
    The only western Washington county to make the list, Jefferson County’s remote setting has access to the Olympic National Forest and Pacific Ocean. The abundant amount of natural resources and a low population density make it ideal for a self-sufficient lifestyle.

    #126 Stevens County
    Situated in northeastern Washington, Stevens County has the rural environment and large tracts of undeveloped land, forests, and rivers that people who want to get off the grid yearn for.  There is plenty of solitude in the county’s remote areas to enjoy off-grid living.

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