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    Vanassa and Khamar’s master class in love | Lifestyle

    Vanassa Metzger sat in her master’s class minding her own business when the man who would become her husband walked into the lecture room. Tasked with group work, a classmate suggested to Vanassa that Khamar Facey join them because he was handsome and he’d make an ideal partner for her. Call her matchmaker, but over the course of three years, the duo progressed to friends, colleagues and lovers before joining hearts as husband and wife.

    This wasn’t the first time Vanassa and Khamar were crossing paths. The two shared a brief exchange via Facebook many moons ago. In typical Vanassa fashion, she said, “Thanks for the conversation,” thinking that they would never speak again.

    Years had passed without any contact, until one day Khamar saw another window of opportunity at a supermarket. “He reintroduced himself to me expecting that I’d reach out. While he did leave a lasting impression, I left it at that,” Vanassa told Island Wedding.

    Khamar could never deny her beauty. After all, that’s what captivated him in the first place. “Initially, I thought she was very attractive but very stand-offish as well,” he admitted.

    When the third time came around with school, he decided to lean on fate and hope for the best. Although Vanassa laughed at her classmate’s rationale behind Khamar joining the group, she accepted him as a member. “Despite his efforts to keep it platonic, we fell in love,” she added.

    What struck a chord with her during their meetings was his confidence. Also, he showed early signs of chivalry, proving that being a gentleman was not a dying art. “Through our interactions during classes, I found his personality magnetic. He was very intelligent, passionate and sincere.”

    They went on a casual first date and it was the perfect chance to see if the attraction and connection translated well outside of the classroom. The dinner and drinks were a nice change of pace for Vanassa, one that she welcomed with an open mind and heart.

    “It was a fun night punctuated by great conversations and honest-to-god bellyfuls of laughter. I went home feeling giddy and excited about the potential of our budding relationship,” she said.

    After a few months of meeting, Khamar said the relationship, which began in April 2015 was inevitable as, “we had to spend a lot of time together because of school. Van possessed all the qualities I desired in a partner. This was further cemented as time passed”.

    Since journeying on the waves of love, Vanassa’s beauty continues to astound Khamar. He is equally enchanted by her passion, fierceness, resilience, and nurturing nature.

    “Choosing a partner who has the kind consideration that Vanassa has and who is vested in your own development is of extreme importance. Vanassa provides a stable and steady state for me. Her encouragement and understanding have provided a base for me to have the confidence and courage to make the decisions necessary for my development,” he said. “Being the nurturer that she is, I can rest assured knowing that the family is taken care of and that she is considering the things that may perhaps be evading me. She is the yin to my yang.”

    Khamar was always easy on the eyes for Vanassa. But it was his passion, integrity, intellect, kindness, and role he played as a provider as the head of the household that truly amazed her.

    “Khamar has always provided a safe and understanding space for me to express my emotions and has been my rock and solace throughout tumultuous periods. He has intimate knowledge of my weaknesses and insecurities, but never makes me feel small or inadequate. He celebrates my strengths, accepts my faults and always encourages me to be the best version of myself. He loves me without reservation and I stand tall in the fact that he chooses me everyday. We spend quality time together as a couple. He listens to me and he tries his best to always resolve our conflicts,” she revealed.

    Being dedicated to both her and their children, he cares for them emotionally, fostering a nurturing and supportive environment.

    And while unable to put a finger on when they discovered they were destined for forever, both said the realisation came over time. “He was there for me when someone I love very much was ill, when my mother passed away from cancer and when I reconnected with family in Germany; all significant and life altering moments. I just came to the realisation one day that I couldn’t imagine my life without him,” Vanassa said.

    Khamar definitely shared that sentiment. So much so that he asked Vanassa to marry him on the weekend of her 30th birthday in February 2020.

    The pair went to RIU in Negril with Vanassa’s sister and her boyfriend as well as Khamar’s brother and his now fiancée. On February 15, the day after Valentine’s Day and two days after her birthday, they all went to dinner.

    “She was genuinely surprised; she had no idea what was going on. The staff came to sing her happy birthday and presented her with the ring on a platter. I knelt down behind her and even though the ring was in her vision, she was totally discombobulated. Once she caught on, there were happy tears and she said yes without hesitation,” he highlighted.

    The bride-to-be enlisted Khamar’s childhood friend, Celena Taylor, to make their nuptial dreams come true. Vanassa’s sister and maid of honour Nastassia kept her grounded throughout the planning process.

    With her heart set on a trumpet or mermaid silhouette with a cathedral veil, she began shopping around at a few boutiques, “Eventually I selected a beautiful Maggie Soretto gown with gorgeous beading and a mauve underskirt which was unusual and stunning. When my sister Nastassia and best friend Monique cried as I stepped out at the fitting, I knew it was the one. Bliss Bridal boutique has my gratitude for having the perfect dress.”

    Vanassa and Khamar tied the knot in a beautiful and intimate rustic chic wedding ceremony at Villa Vista at Caymanas Golf Club.

    Two hearts becoming one in nature were elevated by heartwarming elements. The groom’s uncle, who is a bishop in Canada, officiated the ceremony. Their son Luca was the ring bearer, while their daughter Khara was the flower girl. Having these familial components made the ceremony much more personal and special.

    “The best moment was walking down the aisle. I couldn’t stop the tears of pure happiness and having complete confidence that I was making the best decision of my life. Walking towards my future husband was something I will always remember and treasure. We read our own vows and spoke from the heart. The outpouring of love was felt by everyone there. I also sang to my husband, which I’d never done before, so that was another special moment,” the beautiful bride said.

    The unity ceremony saw the couple combining red and white wine into a carafe “to symbolise the inextricable intertwining of our lives and the fact that we cannot be separated from each other”, she added.

    The groom shared that the wedding was a great wholesome day, most fitting for the crowning of their union, “The best moment was when my wife dedicated two songs to me that she sang herself with the support of a live band; Killing me Softly by Lauryn Hill and I Surrender by Celine Dion. I know that she’s an accomplished singer but she had never sung for me before. Without a doubt that was my favourite moment. I was in shock and awe.”

    For their first dance as husband and wife, the newly-weds waltzed to You Give Good Love by Whitney Houston, made better when they were joined by their adorable children.



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