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    Vibe graduate: Lane Murrell | Lifestyle

    When Lane Murrell left the regular school system with her twin sister, Page, to become homeschooled, she soon discovered that the benefits outweighed the fear of the unknown.

    “I became homeschooled in the 7th grade so I had a very different experience than most teens that go to a high school have,” said the upcoming graduate of the online school Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences.

    “Once I left …, I realized how much drama it was and I was happy to have seen it from another point of view. It is sad to me how drama can reach you even if you don’t do anything.

    “I also found my real friends the hard way when I changed schools, but I am glad I did. The friends I have now are the best I could have ever asked for. I do not get to see them every day like other people do but I am glad to have met them. It made it easier to become friends with a lot of people from other schools.

    “I am happy I became homeschooled even though it is really hard some days. I did not get the ‘high school experience’ but I did get better friends and better time management skills in order to stay on track of my school.”

    The friends that Lane Murrell kept made her high school experience that much better.

    “I am going to miss my friends the most. High school is a very small community compared to college. The friends I made helped me get through a lot of hard moments in my high school career and personal life.”

    She made sure that she was always there for her friends and encouraged them to take new opportunities. “I want my friends to look back and think of how I was always bringing them up when they were sad and how I was there for them in their time of need.”

    Looking ahead to college, she plans on studying criminology at a university in the mainland.

    She became interested in criminology after learning about it in one of her classes. “The school that I am attending gave me the opportunity to take forensic science so I could see if maybe criminal justice is what I really want to do.

    “I was excited and started to talk to my friends about it and I soon realized that they did not have the same opportunities as I did. It made me more grateful for the course and the school. This year I am taking criminology and I am excited to start it.”



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