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    What is long COVID? Know diet and lifestyle changes that can help


    Follow these long covid diet and lifestyle to regain a healthy life

    Post their recovery, many individuals who fell in the hands of covid 19 are finding it difficult to get their life back on track as it was before covid. Some are facing difficulties even weeks after they contracted the virus. Covid symptoms that last for almost 12 weeks are termed ‘long covid’, the person takes time to regain their lost stamina, energy, and overall body health. Its symptoms are extreme tiredness, shortness of breath, joint pain, depression, rashes, etc. It makes you feel exhausted and affects your taste buds and smelling sense as well. However, by following a healthy diet and lifestyle pattern you can combat long covid.

    During this illness, one does not like to have food as it affects their appetite. Eating a healthy diet full of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals when you are sick helps in speedy recovery by giving the body its nutritious value. It helps by preventing and fighting the infection making you healthy. 

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    Here are a few diet and lifestyle tips that can help you in fighting with long covid:

    • Eating plenty of plant-based food is best to recover fast from covid 19. It helps to keep your gut microbiome healthy.
    • Consumption of dairy products like milk and cheese, animal-based products like meat and fish, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits boost the immunity to help fight covid. 
    • You must have a rich diet full of vitamins, minerals, and protein which helps you to build muscle mass.
    • Try to have snacks every two hours to maintain body health. It will also help in generating energy and you will feel less tired. 
    • People who do not feel like eating when they are sick with covid, have an option of having drinks that contain calories like milk, smoothie, soup, etc. 

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    • Inflammation is a sign of long covid. You can follow a low histamine diet to suppress the ongoing inflammation. 
    • Add whole grains to your diet like wheat, maize, legumes, etc
    • Reduce the intake of salt in your food as much as possible. Studies have shown that people who consume 5 grams of salt have a good recovery rate.
    • Add dried herbs to your meals as it makes your body healthy and fights against viruses.
    • Try to cut on a high-fat diet that makes you lethargic, instead of meals that contain low fat.  
    • You can start your day by exercising or meditating for half an hour, this will give your mind and body some freshness and you will have a good day ahead.

    Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Please consult a doctor before starting any fitness regime or medical advice.



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