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    Opinion | Speaker Mike Johnson and the Role of Religion in Politics

    To the Editor:

    Re “Speaker Injects Fervent Faith Into His Policy” (front page, Oct. 29):

    I am pleased to know that our new speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, takes his Christian faith seriously. I look forward to his leadership in feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, releasing the prisoner, welcoming the stranger, loving our enemies, waging peace not war, and honoring God’s image in each and every person — of every faith, race, national and personal identity.

    (Rev.) Sheldon W. Bennett
    Quincy, Mass.

    To the Editor:

    The new speaker should be aware that the foundational document of the United States is not the Bible, but the Constitution. He and others also seem to need to be reminded that early settlers, for example, the Puritans, came to these shores for religious freedom. They wanted to be free of the harassment of a state religion.

    Ginger Lennon
    Princeton, N.J.

    To the Editor:

    Speaker Mike Johnson declares that he derives his worldview from the Bible. As listed by Paul Krugman (“The G.O.P. Goes Full-On Extremist,” column, Oct. 27), Mr. Johnson has promoted budget proposals that would significantly gut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, children’s health coverage and food stamps and would result in the loss of health insurance for more than 23 million Americans.

    Doesn’t the Bible say something about “whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me”? I guess Mr. Johnson just hasn’t gotten to that part yet in his Bible reading.

    Bill Eiffert
    San Diego

    To the Editor:

    If Mike Johnson is driven and guided by his Christian faith, then he is going to have a lot of explaining to do as he reveres and supports Donald J. Trump, an amoral narcissist who is the antithesis of Christian virtue and practice.

    Thomas M. Ginn
    Winston-Salem, N.C.

    To the Editor:

    Re “Welcome, Speaker Johnson, to the Worst Job in Politics,” by Benjamin Domenech (Opinion guest essay,, Oct. 27):

    The new House speaker, Mike Johnson, faces a critical challenge in our country’s history and the history of his party. Let’s join together and wish him the best, and call on him to prove his “pro-family priorities” by passing family-friendly legislation like the expanded child tax credit, which cut child poverty nearly in half, until it wasn’t renewed.

    With 40 percent of Americans near or below the poverty level, the speaker can lead the way with legislation that makes a difference for families to have enough to eat, a roof over their heads, a quality education and health care not dependent on ZIP code.

    So, good luck, Mr. Speaker. All America is depending on you.

    Willie Dickerson
    Snohomish, Wash.

    To the Editor:

    Re “A Right-Wing Fever Dream Come to Life,” by Jamelle Bouie (column, Oct. 29):

    Oh my God. After reading Mr. Bouie’s column about the new speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, I could only think, what have we come to?

    He was a strong supporter of overturning the election results of 2020, based on scary interpretations and opinions about state laws, the Electoral College, and outside influence and interference.

    In other words, he was in favor of a coup, which would have spelled the end of democracy in America. And he is the Republican who stands second in line to the presidency. He owes his power to his colleagues’ bowing to the pressure of our former president.

    I now am in fear for the future of my country, as I have never been before. I firmly believed that Donald Trump would slowly fade away from the political scene.

    I was dead wrong, and the growing possibility of his retaking the White House is truly frightening.

    Harvey Glassman
    Boynton Beach, Fla.



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