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    close matches, pop offs, smack talk and maybe even a little thuggery

    While online tournaments kept the fighting game community going throughout COVID, there’s just nothing like a big in-person major to showcase the best / most entertaining from various scenes, and one of the largest events of the year is going down this weekend.

    During the top 16 of Street Fighter 5 at Combo Breaker 2022, Bandits|MenaRD and RobTV’s set had just about everything we love to see from the offline FGC including close matches, smack talk between games and maybe even a little thuggery.

    The dueling SF5 pros both came out swinging with each taking a fairly convincing round, but Mena would go for a bad Critical Art confirm with Luke, letting Karin take the first game.

    This of course led to RobTV letting Mena know that kind of stuff is not gonna fly against him while waving his finger and giving the former Capcom Cup champion some words, and it would be far from their last.

    Mena would strike back hard with a stun into a near perfect to start game 2 and would close it out in 2 straight rounds.

    You know the Dominican crew are always ready to talk right back, so Mena turned in his seat to face Rob for the stare down and let him know he ain’t free, which even got IFC|YipeS screaming.

    It would all come down to game 3 with only 1 player moving on in the bracket, and both players were throwing it down with their tournament lives on the line.

    They wouldn’t even wait until the end of the game to keep the trash talk going, however, as RobTV would shout at Mena after taking the first round seemingly something along the lines of “it’s over” although unfortunately we can’t hear exactly what’s being said between them.

    Mena wasn’t done with talking to the man though and managed to pull it back in his favor just enough to win and take the set.

    With his win secured, Mena began to pop off, standing in Rob’s face with his arms up, but there was seemingly no salt to be had here.

    Rob still laughed it off and gave his opponent some applause before going for the hug, so the budding rivalry still looks to be on friendly terms.

    If you wanna go and watch one of the most fun and entertaining sets of the weekend thus far, then check out the stream archive here on Low Kick eSports.



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