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    crim announces roguelike action game STARNAUT for PC

    crim has announced STARNAUT, a roguelike action game in which you play as an astronaut who fights against endless spawns of enemies. It will launch in Early Access for PC via Steam in February 2024.

    Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


    STARNAUT is an easy to control roguelike action game.

    • Choose Your Weapon – Feel the excitement of destroying the infinite amount of enemies!
    • Challenge to the Extreme – You will have maximum of 30 minutes to sweep them!
    • Be Careful – This game is way too addictive! You may forget the time!

    Attention! Humanity Went Extinct! Earth is Doomed!

    During such time, you became Starnaut, an astronaut who goes to solo space expedition. Before the doomsday, people launched the Omega Rockets with their precious memories and history but they ended up landing in multiverse! Starnaut runs today to find out if all of the rockets were launched back, so the Earth will be resurrected… or not!?

    Mission #1: Land on the Area Within Multiverse

    Some part of multiverse became the level by the power of Starnaut! Five different levels are confirmed, but it seems like there can be more!? Clear all the levels!

    Mission #2: Eliminate those Endless Incoming Enemies

    Beat up those enemies endlessly infiltrating from multiverse! Enemies can be anything! Can be something cool or cute, but don’t get tricked by its look! Not confident with the 3D combat?? Do not worry! Your weapons will automatically attack them!

    Mission #3: Use Your Coins and Upgrade

    Beating enemies will drop the coins! The coins you get can be used to purchase weapons or upgrade your spacesuit from SHOPNAUT!!

    Mission #4: Escape With the Omega Rockets

    The condition to win is to launch 10 Omega Rockets! Not to mention, those Omega Rockets have oxygen tanks! Replenish your oxygen to keep going!

    Mission #5: Collect the Data from Earth

    There are foes running around the level with the “Lost Data” from past Earth. Punch them to bring back the data!

    Mission #Whatever: Just Beam ‘Em as Many as You Can!

    Those enemies are not only hungry for you but YOUR KNUCKLE SANDWICH!!! There are things like a gacha capsule, jump pad or even a hot spring! Also, you can buy a new helmet and upgrade your spacesuit to enhance your basic abilities before you start the level. Everything for you! Just use them well!!

    Starnaut, fight solo! Annihilate ’em!

    Hint for the Beginners!

    Let’s start with beating a few enemies then reach to the shop! Upgrade your weapons and spacesuit to prepare for the incoming enemies! Antennas are a great choice until you get used to the game! Once you pick the weapon, it will never run out of bullets and will never be destroyed! You can unlock additional elements in the game with the prize you can get by clearing the levels! Also, don’t forget to check out the support dialog from WONDERFUL who is on top of the head of Starnaut!

    Watch the announcement trailer below.

    Debut Trailer



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