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    Game2Give 2022 – Special TWAB > News

    The Bungie Foundation is proud to celebrate an incredibly successful year and it is all thanks to the amazing Destiny community you have all built. Nearly 100% of the Bungie Foundation’s funding comes from our community, so we’d like to extend a sincere, heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you who continue to show up time and time again to help do good in the world! Here are a few highlights from 2022: 

    Getting Involved With Game2Give 

    Beginning today, November 22, our site is officially open for registration and we encourage anyone thinking about fundraising to get signed up! There is an amazing slate of fundraising incentives on offer as well as the official launch of our lifetime fundraising program—the Light Keepers Guild

    Exclusively during Game2Give 2022, fundraisers will have the opportunity to earn rewards starting at just $500. The below levels can only be earned during Game2Give 2022. Light Keepers Guild status does not apply.  

    $500 – Foundational Layers Emblem 

    Everyone’s favorite TwitchCon emblem is back! Fundraisers who hit the $500 level during the event will receive two codes* for the Foundational Layers emblem. 

    $1,000 – Bungie Store Gift Card 

    Fundraisers who reach this level during the event will receive a $50 Bungie Store gift card plus all lower tier event rewards. 

    $2,500 – Digital G2G 2022 Hall of Fame Poster 

    Fundraisers who reach this level during the event will receive an entry onto the Game2Give 2022 Hall of Fame and digital copy of the poster plus all lower tier event rewards. 

    $5,000 – Physical Hall of Fame Poster + Custom DOTEXE Jersey 

    Fundraisers who reach this level during the event will receive a physical copy of the Hall of Fame poster and a customized DOTEXE jersey plus all lower tier event rewards. 

    Light Keepers Guild and How It Works

    All individual fundraising efforts since Game2Give 2019 will now count towards the Light Keepers Guild totals. Registration for each event must be under the same email address. If you have already earned any of these rewards in previous campaigns, you will not receive additional copies.  


    $2,500 – Metagalactic Bloom Emblem 

    $5,000 – Function of Grace Emblem 


    You have seen a few of these rewards before, but we are excited to introduce the newest tier: $10,000! 

    $10,000 – Core of the Nova Emblem + Small Luminescence Shader 

    Our newest tier and one that we are especially fond of. These two exclusive items have been designed specifically to match our Little Lights app. 

    Additional Tiers 

    We know that some of our Light Keepers have surpassed these levels already and we want to let you know that we have more rewards planned! While we cannot share these details just yet, we do have both digital and physical rewards planned for individuals who reach the $25,000, $50,000, and $100,000 tiers. Stay tuned for details in early 2023. 


    Fundraising isn’t the only way to join in! It wouldn’t be Game2Give without a batch of fresh new incentives for our amazing donors across the globe. This year we have four incentives that can be earned during the campaign. As in previous years, all rewards can only be earned once per unique donor but donations are cumulative which makes unlocking higher tiers easier when you make multiple donations. 

    $10 – Arc Propellant Emblem 

    $25 – Respite’s Focus Emblem 

    $60 – Tenderhearted Shell, Exotic Ghost 

    $100 – Light Hearted, Exotic Sparrow 

    Our first ever Sparrow themed to our Little Lights program! And yes, its exhaust leaves a trail of hearts! 

    Other Ways to Get Involved 

    If streaming or fundraising isn’t your speed and you are unable to donate at this time, that is all 100% OK! We will have a packed schedule of featured streamers and content you can enjoy during the campaign. Be on the lookout for your favorite streamers—our full schedule will be available on December 6 at! Every view of a stream, every share, re-tweet, or shout-out about the campaign helps.  

    Remember to use #game2give and #littlelights when spreading the good word! 

    Be sure to follow the Bungie Foundation on Twitter @BungieLove for everything Game2Give related, special content about our mission and impact, and all stream schedules. 

    Thank you, Guardians, for all your support and for enabling us to do all this amazing work! 



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