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    New VALORANT Radiant Entertainment System skins: Melee, Ghost, Phantom, more

    VALORANT fans have received a myriad of nice skins in recent memory, from the second variation of the Ion series to the recent Black Market bundle. However, this next skin line for VALORANT is an homage to the classic consoles in the gaming world: the Radiant Entertainment System bundle.

    An entirely new skin line, this one has a lot of unique animations thanks to its three distinct variations, each one emulating a specific kind of arcade-like game from the ‘90s. Plus, the finisher for each variation is different, referencing the genre that the variation represents.

    Here’s all the information you need about the Radiant Entertainment System bundle, including details on all the skins and the bundle’s release date.

    Radiant Entertainment System bundle content and release date

    As of the skin collection’s reveal trailer, the price for the bundle has yet to be revealed. However, considering the number of skins within and the unique animations of the set, it is safe to assume the price will be similar to recent bundles, if not more. For example, the recent Black Market bundle cost 7,100 VALORANT points (VP), containing five skins with unique looks depending on what side of the map you play: attack or defense.

    The skins in the Radiant Entertainment System collection include:

    • Radiant Entertainment System Melee
    • Radiant Entertainment System Ghost
    • Radiant Entertainment System Bulldog
    • Radiant Entertainment System Phantom
    • Radiant Entertainment System Operator

    Plus, like most unique bundles in VALORANT, there is a likelihood that the set also comes with a unique player card, gun buddy, and spray.

    Screenshot via Riot Games

    VALORANT dataminer and content creator ValorLeaks says that the bundle will feature multiple player cards and will cost over 10,000 VP. VALORANT stats and analytics site Run It Back says it will cost 11,900 VP.

    An official VALORANT price has not been made available yet.

    However, VALORANTLeaksEN has given fans a price guide. Here’s what you’ll likely have to fork out for the upcoming bundle:

    • Weapons: 2,975VP
    • Sprays: 375VP
    • Player Cards: 375VP
    • Gun Buddies: 475VP
    • Power Fist (Melee): 5,950VP
    • Bundle Price: 11,900VP

    While we can’t be 100 percent sure, this seems to be the best price guide available.

    The three variations for this skin are named after the game the gun’s skin represents: Knock Out, an arcade fighting game similar to Street Fighter, Dance Fever, an homage to Dance Dance Revolution, and Bazooka Badger, which seems to resemble Mega Man. Each has its own distinct color palette, with Knock Out as orange and red, Dance Fever as purple and teal, and Bazooka Badger as blue and yellow.

    The bundle’s trailer also confirmed the bundle’s release: April 25.

    Radiant Entertainment Series melee

    The new melee skin for this bundle, much like the gun skins, changes depending on which skin variation you use.

    Screenshot via Riot Games

    Each correlates to the game, so the fighting game forms a big fist, the dance game shows off the dance pad directions you can press, and the shooter offers a melee sword similar to the Araxys bundle.



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