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    Pixel 6 and 7 users experiencing horrendous battery life and overheating issues

    Many Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 users are experiencing battery drain and overheating issues, according to posts on various online forums.
    Google makes really nice phones with top-notch cameras but battery life isn’t their strongest feature. A recent update appears to have increased the power draw and negatively impacted battery life. Some users have also reported overheating issues.
    Tech outlet Engadget reports that a reader wrote to them to complain that the Google app was eating up their Pixel 6 Pro’s battery and it has also been overheating recently. They rolled back to an older version of the Google app but it only solved the battery issue.
    It’s not exactly clear what’s causing the issues, but judging by online posts, the Google app is using a lot of battery power. Some say that Android System Intelligence is the culprit. Others think that the battery life has gotten worse after the May update.

    Whatever the reason might be, the issue is causing a lot of headaches for Pixel owners. The phones are burning through the battery even in the idle state and in some cases, they are too warm to use, causing the owners to worry about the effect on the battery and the CPU.

    Google appears to be aware of the issue but hasn’t been of much help.

    For now, there is not much that users can do, apart from turning on Adaptive Battery and battery optimization. You can also try enabling Extreme Battery Saver but keep in mind that it limits apps and features.

    Pixel phones are no stranger to bugs and issues but the good news is that most problems get solved, so Google will likely take care of this one too.



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