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    Pokemon Go fans unimpressed with Niantic following Togetic Community Day bug ‘fix’

    Published: 2023-04-15T18:23:22

    Updated: 2023-04-15T18:23:32

    The Pokemon Go Togetic Community Day event opened with a bug surrounding the target monster, but trainers were left unimpressed by developer Niantic’s resolution.

    Pokemon Go’s Togetic Community Day event is underway, which gives players a great opportunity to stock up on Togetic candies to evolve a Togekiss for the future.

    Unfortunately, as is the case with most Pokemon Go events as of late, the Community Day event did not go off without some strange issues — most notably being that Togetic’s base catch rate, or BSR, was much lower than it should have been.

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    While Niantic did end up quickly rectifying the issue, plenty of trainers were left unimpressed at the solution.

    On April 14, the Pokemon Go dataminer group, PokeMiners, tweeted out early details about the Togetic Community Day. In a follow-up quote retweet, the team noted, “And no, the BCR has not changed, so it is still at 20%.”

    For those that may not be aware, Pokemon featured during a Community Day event always have a boosted catch rate, which makes it a great opportunity for trainers to catch plenty of harder-to-obtain monsters like starters.

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    Naturally, fans were upset by this news, but not surprised that another event started with yet another issue that affected trainers. “Either it’s fixed later or never. Both are to be expected from Niantic,” said one Twitter user, while another chimed in with, “This a mess, as usual.”

    Less than an hour later, PokeMiners confirmed that “Niantic has fixed the BCR of Togetic (now 40%).” However, many of the replies to the tweet were still just as unimpressed with the outcome. “They need you to remind them to do their job? Wow, they should pay you as Quality Assurance,” one trainer said.

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    Still, some trainers actually applauded Niantic’s swiftness in correcting the issues, like JRESeawolf who tweeted, “Wow, that’s actually lightning fast for them. Somebody was forced to stay late.”

    Hopefully, this hiccup was just an early issue and not a sign of things to come as Community Day begins for those trainers in North America.



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