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    Street Fighter 6 officially breaks all time EVO entrant record

    Though we don’t know where the number is at, exactly, the EVO Twitter account announced Monday that Street Fighter 6 has broken not only a franchise record, but the all time EVO record for most registered competitors in a single game.

    This means more than 5,065 players have already signed up, but we’ve still got a little less than two weeks to go, meaning that number is only going to increase as last minute competitors lock in.

    The last time this record was set was back in 2016 following Street Fighter 5’s February launch. The bracket filled up all the way to the aforementioned 5,065 competitors, though not all showed up to their first round bouts.

    As is virtually always the case when major fighting games release, players get excited and register for EVO, but wind up not being able to make it for one reason or another. (Even those who make it to Las Vegas sometimes find they’re not up to getting out of bed for earlier pools… again, for one reason or another.)

    While there will surely still be some absentees when the event officially kicks off in early August, we do suppose there will be fewer dropouts than in the case of Street Fighter 5. It’s not to say that Street Fighter 6 is a perfect game, but it’s certainly checking many more initial boxes than its predecessor did.

    The hype for Street Fighter 5 was strong, but when it launched as a widely incomplete title with numerous issues (massive input delay, unintended anti-air jabs, and a lack of single player modes just to name a few) excitement waned in the six months between its release and EVO 2016.

    With Street Fighter 6 retaining a ton of momentum here in its first month out in the wild (we just watched nearly 1,100 competitors representing nations all over the globe compete at CEO 2023) we suspect this very well may be the biggest, most exciting EVO yet.

    With that in mind we look forward to seeing the final numbers for SF6 as well as the other titles slated to be at the big fighting game dance this year. If you don’t end up making the trip out to Las Vegas to participate, we’ll be covering EVO 2023 live here on EventHubs.

    You can still sign up for EVO up until registration closes on July 8 at 11:59 p.m. The event itself is to be held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino from August 4-6.



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