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    This Week at Bungie – 6/9/2022 > News

    This week at Bungie, we’re prepping to make Saint-14 proud once more with this Season’s return of Trials of Osiris, showing off some nifty new ways to put your fashion spin on some beloved Exotics, and a deeper dive into recent airborne accuracy changes.  

    We’ve officially made it to week-three of Season of the Haunted. We’ve seen some growth, we’ve grinded some dungeons, and—if you’re like me—you bawled your eyes out over a certain character that rhymes with flow. Alongside a new story beat, players have had some more time to play around with Iron Banner’s Rift mode. While the team continues taking in the feedback on the latest reiteration of this PvP experience, Valus Forge needs some time to clock out and not rank up that overtime. This, of course, means it’s Saint-14’s time to shine once more with Trials of Osiris, and he’s arriving bearing gifts of new armor and new weapons.  

    But first, let’s talk about one of the dominating conversations happening over the past few weeks: our version of “I believe I can fly.” 

    In a TWAB earlier this year, we dove deep into a plethora of changes to Destiny 2 regarding how combat looks and feels in-game. That was a beefy TWAB. Real beefy, so it’s understandable that there may still be some lingering questions over particulars, including airborne accuracy. The Weapons Team is back to offer up some additional insight, let’s dive right in:  


    Weapons Team: Quick reminder of our stated goal for the airborne changes: Destiny has extremely fluid and expressive airborne movement, but that movement must be balanced against grounded players lest it become oppressive. We want all players who enjoy that playstyle to be able to build into it, but they’ll have to make tough choices about what they leave behind to do so. Successfully engaging in the air will no longer be as simple as, “put an Icarus Grip mod on it,” but the upside for heavily investing in it will be higher.  


    We’re putting together a detailed explanation of how airborne effectiveness (AE) interacts with aim assist and accuracy for players who love to dig into the details, but that’s going to take a little longer and we wanted to address some points of confusion early. 


    Firstly, the Season 17 patch notes included a line that incorrectly stated that “All primary weapons have their airborne accuracy penalty removed”, this should have been qualified as “At 60 Airborne Effectiveness, all primary weapons have their airborne accuracy penalty removed”. 


    That said, at base, primary weapons generally shoot straighter while airborne than they did before (for example the HC base accuracy cone AKA error angle is now 0.8 degrees compared to 0.97 last season), and you can now fully eliminate the airborne accuracy penalty (meaning: your weapons will shoot as straight as they do while on the ground), which wasn’t the case before. 


    Note that even if the center of the accuracy cone is directed at a target, if your accuracy cone is wider than the target on your screen, any single projectile can still miss. For this reason, we recommend that you try to hit one of the important thresholds on a primary weapon: 

    • 30 AE: similar accuracy to pre-Season 17 Icarus Grip, suitable for jump shots at mid-range 
      • A hand cannon’s accuracy cone at 30 AE is 0.48 degrees, compared to 0.47 degrees last season with Icarus 
    • 60 AE: fully removes the airborne accuracy penalty and allows for more accurate longer-range airborne shots. 


    Keep in mind that Special weapons are penalized more heavily while airborne than Primary weapons and must get to 100 AE to eliminate the airborne accuracy penalty. Shotgun spread angle is heavily penalized at 0 AE, this penalty is reduced with higher AE and eliminated at 100. 


    We’re keeping an eye on feedback on airborne gameplay in general, and are looking into cases where players miss shots they feel like they should have hit. In these cases, it helps a lot to know exactly what the player’s build was for the occurrence, so if you are posting a clip or making a comment, please also include the weapon, with perks and mod, Exotic armor, and any subclass build (including aspects and fragments) that you were running. This could be in text or by making sure screenshots or videos show the build elements. 


    In Season 18 and beyond we plan on giving players a few new ways to build into the stat (including making the stat visible in the weapon inspection screen) and updating some exotic weapons that we felt could use a bump to AE. 

    What Else is Coming Next 

    We’ll have a small mid-Season weapon balance update shipping with Solstice, which will include some buffs to weapon subfamilies that have been languishing for a while, a fix for certain Special weapons not getting enough ammo per Special brick for one defeat in PvP, and some tuning for oppressive Exotic weapons. 


    Beyond that, we’re wrapping up production on the Season 18 weapons and the matching balance update, which will be of a standard, appropriate size (no novels this time). Some highlights: revisiting some weapon subfamilies, Legendary perk and Exotic weapon tuning and adding intrinsic anti-Champion functionality to several Exotic weapons. 

    If you’re into the PvP side of Destiny 2, then you may have noticed that we have been playing around with some ideas concerning the more competitive side of this experience. With Freelance, Zone Captures, and tweaking other odds and ends have all played into a bigger vision for what Trials of Osiris could be. Now, after a short break, Trials is back and comes bearing some sweet new armor to monkey around in. No, seriously, there’s an actual monkey: 


    With Trials back in action, the Lighthouse awaits. We’ve already revealed the new weapons on the way with the return of Trials, but just in case time has been a cruel memory stealer, here’s what players can look forward to (in addition to the armor seen above):  


    • Forgiveness Sidearm 
    • Burden of Guilt Fusion Rifle 


    • Falcon’s Chase Sparrow 

    And a shiny new Ghost Shell that you can catch a glimpse of in the armor image above. Not a secret but come on, some things need to be a mystery. 

    This week’s Trials of Osiris is Elimination, so good luck out there and make Saint-14 proud! And just because I’ve shown immense restraint by holding back dad jokes in recent TWABs, I get a freebie: What do you need to open your new Trials of Osiris armor? A mon-key, duh.  

    OK, bye.  

    At the start of Season 17, we introduced players to Solar 3.0 and all of the possibilities that comes with it. To add a little more team bonding into the mix, we had a few Fragments that were kept a secret for the community to work together to uncover. As we knew you would, everyone pulled together to take on the new Nightmare Containment activity, despite a few technical hiccups, and got the job done, fully unlocking these new puzzle pieces that make up a bigger fiery picture. For those fellow statistical nerds out there, here’s a quick breakdown of the event, and an answer to the most important question we’ve ever asked: How many Guardians does it take to blow up a lightbulb?  

    • Over 1.6 million players completed at least one Nightmare Containment during the event.  
    • Guardians averaged ~13.8 Nightmare Containments per character. 
    • One dedicated player even completed over 390 Nightmare Containments over the course of the event. 
    • In the first 24 hours, one Guardian successfully completed 78 Nightmare Containments. 

    That’s impressive! Good work out there teaming up and getting the job done. In addition to the Solar Fragments unlocking, we also have a special emblem to commemorate that collective effort. You know, just because! To unlock that latest fashionable flair, head to and enter this handy-dandy code: T67-JXY-PH6. 

    We hope you’re having fun playing with all of the new build possibilities that Solar 3.0 has to offer, and we can’t wait to see all of the new ways that this community will band together in the years to come.  

    In the Eververse, you’ll see a few new Legendary ornaments for class items. They are undeniably cool looking if you ask me but if you look a little closer, you’ll notice a special Exotic tie-in. Not only do these ornaments look stylish, but they also have an Exotic synergy special effect. The latest fashion trend pairs with the original iteration of a few important Exotic pieces, check out what’s new below:  

    Cloak of Bakris:  

    • Cloak of Bakris pairs with the Hunter helmet, Mask of Bakris.  
    • Adds a Stasis effect on the cloak’s collar.  

    Mark of the Falling Star:  

    • Mark of the Falling Star pairs with the Titan chest piece, Cuirass of the Falling Star.  
    • Adds an Arc effect on the mark’s trim.  

    Bond of Battle Harmony:  

    • Bond of Battle Harmony pairs with the Warlock chest piece, Mantle of the Battle Harmony.  
    • Adds an Arc effect on the bottom of the Bond awning.  

    Last week, we shared a new addition to the Bungie Store that allows for yet another way for Guardians to show off the love and pride they have for their communities. Bungie’s Pride 2.0 collectible pin is a beautiful way to share that pride with the rest of the world alongside the beautiful new Prismatic emblem. Today, we have our Pride Strike Team that consists of people from all over the studio, including our Trans @ Bungie Inclusion Club, to talk about some of the ways we celebrate Pride month as a studio and as a community. There’s even a fashion opportunity, because you know we’re suckers for those. Take it away, Pride Strike Team!  

    Pride Strike Team: Happy Pride Month Guardians! As many of you know, Bungie is filled with an incredibly diverse group of humans that help in all aspects of creating this game. A bunch of us are members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and together with some allies to see what we could do to share our everyday lives with the Destiny community. This year we have a really fun and colorful ask of the community, but we think it’s better requested with equally colorful quotes:

    Robert B: “Show us your Pride, Destiny fans!”  

    David S: “Show off your best Destiny LGBTQ+ headcanon!”   

    Kailani M: “‘Light is a spectrum, why limit yourself to a single hue?’ SHOW US THE RAINBOW, GUARDIANS!”   

    Sam B: “Show us your gay Destiny (safe for work) art, please!”   

    So, to clarify what we’re trying to say, we are asking you to show us your Destiny-themed Pride art. And those of the non-artist variety, never fear! We have something for you too! Introducing, Dresstiny: Pride Edition! Show us your favorite Destiny fashion while wearing your Trans emblem or Pride emblem and we will share our favorites! And if you are asking yourself, what do I get out of this? Well, a colorful sense of community and inclusion.  


    Pride month is incredibly important to us here, not just as Bungie employees, but also as people. Because of this, we have a few more celebrations on the horizon, so keep an eye out on Bungie comms throughout the month of June to see what we’ve got cooking up next.  


    The Bungie Pride Strike Team 

    Egregore? More like egregore-geous. 


    This week, our Player Support team has been diving deep into the various reports players have been sharing with the dev team, including some updates on ongoing issues that are currently being investigated. This week’s portion centers around PlayStation 4 user reports around Silver, Artifice armor mod slot bugs, and an update on what has been successfully patched. As investigations continue into various topics, here’s what Player Support has for the community this week thus far.  

    PlayStation 4 Silver Sync

    We are continuing to  work with Sony’s team regarding issues that may be causing players to encounter missing licenses, delayed Silver purchases, or incorrect Silver balances on the PlayStation 4. To read more on incorrect Silver balance errors, please click here
    Players should stay tuned to Bungie Help for updates. 

    Artifice Armor Mod Slot Clarification

    With the release of Hotfix we have partially resolved an issue causing Artifice armor to lose the Artifice mod slot at the start of Season 17.  

    Newly acquired Artifice armor will now successfully have the mod slot available, however we are continuing to investigate a fix for existing armor pieces that previously lost their Artifice mod slot. Resolved Issues

    Earlier this week, Hotfix was released to the world. Below is a list of some of the issues that were resolved with this hotfix: 

    • Enhanced Bait and Switch no longer activated upon shooting enemies with all three equipped weapons. 
    • The Trespasser Exotic weapon was unavailable to reacquire from Collections. 
    • When in the Tower, character previews may appear extremely zoomed in.

    Iron Banner Challenges

    We are currently investigating Iron Banner Challenges ending earlier than the intended weekly reset. Players will still be able to progress incomplete Challenges during the next Iron Banner later in the Season. 

    Guardian Games Emblem

    Players who qualified for the Tower’s Finest Triumph can now claim the Guardian Games’ Glory Claim emblem from Bungie Rewards. The deadline to claim the emblem is July 7, 2022. 

    Known Issues

    While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help Forum: 

    • Calus Mini-Tool and Drang (Baroque) don’t get gold Masterwork borders after upgrading to two Enhanced traits. 
    • Trials of Osiris gear may have the Flawless glow enabled by default when a player has not gone Flawless. 
    • Item tooltips disappear when players dismantle items in the Postmaster without moving their cursor. 
    • The Pyretic Footfalls ornament for the Path of the Burning Steps Exotic appears in Phoenix Cradle’s ornament section. . 
    • Sometimes Step 4 of the Iron Banner “Forging Iron” quest didn’t complete when obtaining Iron Banner Engrams from Saladin’s inventory. 
    • The achievement/trophy for unlocking subclasses no longer completes. 
    • The Iron Banner Crucible intro does not display any player stats. 
    • Bells in the Duality dungeon can be activated with splash damage. 
    • Some players can get trapped inside the Gauntlet obstacle course in certain Sever missions, blocking them from obtaining rewards. 
    • We are investigating an issue causing players to be unable to use Synthweave to unlock new Armor Synthesis ornaments from the Appearance Customization menu. Players can work around this issue by unlocking the armor ornaments via individual armor previews quickly after selecting to preview their appearance. 
    For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our Known Issues article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our Help Forum


    Hippy: We’ve got another awesome week filled with creative tributes from the community. And can I just say? Y’all are our brand of quirky; there is no limit to what this community creates and there really is no limit to the amazing ideas we’ve seen you Guardians bring to life. It’s inspiring to see and I’m not just saying that because one of the videos mashes up Destiny with another beloved series.  

    Oh, and we’re totally doing another bonus round, how could we not?! 

    Movie of the Week: Final Destiny: Wish XV 

    Movie of the Week: Duality (Warning for brief flashes at the 00:19 mark) 

    This week’s bonus round was just too funny to pass up. We all love a good lore post, but the below video blends comedy, mathematics, lore, and the perfect meme-post into one eloquently made video. Hope it brightens up your day because this was great.  

    B-b-b-Bonus Round Movie of the Week: Inquiring minds want to know: How much birdseed has Saint-14 actually bought?



    Sam: Happy TWABsday Guardians! Do you ever feel like if you blink you miss something? That’s how we feel going through all of the AOTW and MOTW submissions every week. I know we say this a lot, but y’all are just so talented. 


    This week we have some really fun Solar art in two really neat styles, can we just talk about the shading on that hand-drawn piece, followed up by a spacewalk that made me pause for a minute, and think about how we are all here at the same time, and that is pretty rad. 

    Art of the Week: Don’t Fear the Reaper

    Art of the Week: Gammatrap, but Cute

    Art of the Week Bonus Round: Spacewalk

    As always, don’t forget to tag us in those awesome creations for your chance at the spotlight! Feel free to tag your epic art and movies by using #Destiny2Art #AOTW, and #MOTW!

    We’re now delving into week-three of Season of the Haunted and this week’s storyline gets intense. If you haven’t experienced it already, we recommend getting some tissues. Maybe some comfort food too, just to be safe.  

    With Trials of Osiris live this week and the recently mentioned changes to how Solar 3.0 feels when fighting that good fight, we’ll be keeping a close eye on feedback from the community. As we continue experimenting with all aspects of Destiny 2, we appreciate all the feedback, and we value that continued (and respectful) conversation. In the meantime, get in there and play around with some of the new build types, explore more of what activities like Nightmare Containment and Sever have to offer, and don’t forget to drink your water (and take your vitamins)!  

    Until next time, stay kind and go give Zavala a big ‘ol hug for me.  

    “I should go,” 




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