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    Who won the Destiny 2 King’s Fall World First race?

    A new season of Destiny 2 has been graced with the return of another Raid. This time, the King’s Fall Raid is back, challenging players to take on the might of the Hive and the unrelenting power of The Taken King, Oryx.

    While the King’s Fall Raid is something the community has experienced before, that doesn’t mean that this will not be a tense and exciting race. It has been a while since many of us played Destiny 1, and new surprises might lurk in the dark to catch out unaware players.

    Destiny 2 King’s Fall Raid World First Race – Live updates

    Image via Bungie

    Who won the King’s Fall World First Race in Destiny 2?

    • 6:20pm CT – After just over an hour, Bungie has confirmed Clan Elysium as the winners of the Destiny 2 King’s Fall World First raid race. Congratulations to the three-time champions!
    • 5:53pm CT – All The Players has just wrapped up Oryx and appear to be the second-place team. We’ll be keeping an eye on the Destiny 2 Twitter account to see if they drop an official confirmation of the Elysium win any time soon, but that is it for us. Until the next Raid, thanks so much for joining our coverage of the best night in Destiny 2.
    • 5:40pm CT – Still waiting on official confirmation from Bungie that Elysium are in fact, the Triple Champs, but the gulf between first and second place continues to grow. Datto, All The Players, Panora, and more are currently trying to finish up the Oryx challenge stage and claim second place. We are not sure if they are just struggling a lot more or if some of the fire has died knowing that someone else grabbed the top spot.
    • 5:02pm CT – Salt and Elysium are back in Orbit. As always, we need to wait until Bungie confirm the finish as something might have happened to cost them the win, or another team might have finished off-stream. Right now, it looks like Elysium are Triple Champs. Unreal performance from Salt, Quazz, Cruz, Moople, Kyros, and Vile Fate.
    • 5:00pm CT – Salt and Elysium have downed Oryx!! They gotta get back to Orbit quick!
    • 4:54pm CT – All The Players is now onto Oryx as well. Elysium are getting plenty of damage in, but it’s hard to know how much they have figured out about the Challenge yet. ATP is likely to get caught up by the Challenge as they are just into the encounter.
    • 4:48pm CT – So the final Oryx challenge is called “Hands Off” and will force a wipe the second the challenge is lost. Pretty brutal, but forces a reset until you realize what you need to do. Broman and Reck are coming up with some theories on stream about what the challenge might be.
    • 4:44pm CT – By our count, Datto and All The Players are on the Daughters, and Salt is on the Oryx encounter. No idea what the challenge will be for this final encounter yet, but it’s very possible that we might see a three-time champ being crowned if Salt and Elysium work it out quickly.
    • 4:39pm CT – Absolute domination from Salt right now. The Daughters are down, and it’s time to take on Oryx. Datto just cleared Gol and is on to the next stage. Things are getting TENSE.
    • 4:34pm CT – This will run the risk of turning in an Elysium fan page for a moment, but Salt and his team are really dancing on the Daughters right now. They are getting incredibly damage phases going, so this could well be a quick section for them, which would then have them be the first to face Oryx in the challenge run.
    • 4:23pm CT – In an incredible scene, Salt has gone from being held up on Golgoroth the first time, getting stuck there while others were doing Oryx, to now being the first group through the Golgoroth challenge mode. It would seem that those back-to-back wins have given Elysium a lot of faith in themselves and a never say die attitude.
    • 4:12pm CT – All The Players and their group has downed the Warpriest and are joining the frontrunners on Gol. Panora has the most time spent with Gol so far. They have gone off comms, which means they have almost certainly discovered something interesting, so we should expect to see them start making progress soon.
    • 4:05pm CT – Datto and Math Class are through the Warpriest and onto Gol. For a team that traditionally falls off as the Raid gets deeper, they have done an excellent job of staying with the frontrunners this time. Could it finally be their time? This puts Salt, Datto, and Panora on the Gol section.
    • 4:00pm CT – Salt, Datto, and All The Players are on the Warpriest challenge, so they are not very far behind Panora at all. All of them have been coming very close to completing the stage. We are potentially getting into the part of the Raid where the gaps between stage completions get longer, and it becomes more of an endurance competition. Traditionally, we just start to see mistakes becoming a problem as teams get tired, even when they know exactly what they need to do.
    • 3:56pm CT – Many teams are streaming without comms, but Panora doesn’t seem to be at all afraid of anyone knowing what they are doing. The fireteam is currently trying to figure out the Golgoroth challenge.
      3:50pm CT – Twitch streamer Panora and their clan Silimar is the first to clear Warpriest Challenge and move on to Golgoroth, where another challenge awaits.
    • 3:35pm CT – Elysium has caught up with the pack and are now on the Warpriest encounter, looking to win their third consecutive World First title. Math Class are also caught up as nearly every team struggles to figure out the Warpriest Challenge parameters.
    • 3:20pm CTDatto currently sits atop the Destiny 2 Twitch directory with nearly 80,000 viewers. Redeem clan members Sweatcicle and Gladd are close behind in viewership, although the team has fallen far behind in the race itself, still stuck on the Daughters encounter in the first run.
    Screengrab via Twitch
    • 3:15pm CT – Momentum has ground to a halt in Challenge mode as Unparalleled tries to figure out the challenge of the first boss fight. Math Class is right behind, however, working hard on the Totems encounter.
    • 3:00pm CT – Bungie’s lead community manager Cozmo has confirmed the initial clears as the development team watches on from their homes and headquarters. Reminder: a winner is not official until Bungie confirms it.
    • 2:58pm CTAll_The_Players and Unparalleled have figured out and cleared the Totems challenge in around 20 minutes. This team is living up to their name and are on a roll, taking a clear lead early on in the second raid run-through. Warpriest is up next.
    • 2:53pm CT – Math Class and TofuBake’s team are now among the squads that have also cleared Oryx and headed into their second run in Challenge mode.
    • 2:45pm CT – The king has never looked better.
    • 2:38pm CT – Ding dong, The Taken King is dead! Twitch streamer All_The_Players and team Unparalleled appear to be the first to take down Oryx. Up next is to complete the raid all over again in Challenge mode. The race continues!
    • 2:30pm CT – Several teams have figured out the fight and made it to Oryx’s final stand in the last segment of his health bar, but were unable to finish him off before he wiped the entire squad, forcing them to start over.
    • 2:15pm CT – Several teams, including Math Class and others, have now reached the Oryx encounter and are learning how the encounter differs from the original King’s Fall. The race is heating up.
    • 2:06pm CT – Oryx has been reached. Twitch streamer TofuBake and their team are among the first to reach the final battle with the Taken King.
    • 2:05pm CT – The daughters of Oryx, the Deathsingers Ir Anûk and Ir Halak, are the next obstacle in the way of the first King’s Fall clear as teams battle to figure out mechanics and optimize their DPS phases. The sisters are the final hurdle between raiders and the Taken King himself, Oryx.
    • 1:55pm CT – It’s worth a reminder that the race does not end when a team finishes King’s Fall and defeats Oryx. Since this is a returning raid, the race ends once a team finishes the raid once, and then again in Challenge mode by finishing every Challenge for each encounter. Buckle up, this is going to be a long day of raiding.
    • 1:50pm CT – Golgoroth has been cleared by several teams, including Twitch streamers Panora, All_The_Players, and Crushty, who have now moved on to the platforms jumping puzzle and ensuing Sisters encounter.
    • 1:45pm CT – Golgoroth’s massive health pool looks like it could become a serious obstacle when it comes to DPS in this raid, as a fully-optimized DPS strategy will be a must to clear this encounter. Several teams are using double linear fusion rifle loadouts with Arbalest in the primary slot, an add-clearing weapon like an SMG in the energy slot, and a heavy linear fusion.
    • 1:40pm CT – As the raid race rages on, Destiny 2 currently ranks third on Twitch with 246,000 viewers, trailing only behind Just Chatting and League of Legends and outpacing CS:GO and Minecraft in the live directories.
    Screengrab via Twitch
    • 1:35pm CT – Math Class finish off a Warpriest kill of their own and race on to the Golgoroth fight.
    • 1:26pm CT – Elysium pull off the big kill and pull ahead in the race, moving on to the next encounter after just under an hour against the first boss fight in the raid. Golgoroth, one of the most challenging encounters of King’s Fall, is up next.

    • 1:23pm CT – The Warpriest seems to be the first official “DPS check” fight in King’s Fall 2.0. Teams have mostly moved on to consistent DPS phases against the boss, but currently lack the correct combination of firepower to finish the fight off before wiping due to enrage. Math Class again wipe, this time with the boss at about one percent health. A real heartbreaker.
    • 1:05pm CT – Using Divinity and linear fusion rifles for DPS, Math Class nearly finish the boss but die at the end of its Enrage phase and have to start all over again. A huge bummer, but the fight goes on.

    • 12:59pm CTDatto and Math Class have figured out a crucial component of the fight and have entered the DPS phase against Warpriest.
    • 12:49pm CT – Interestingly, several top teams are muting their microphones on stream while talking about mechanics and strategies so as to not potentially give a leg up to their competition, knowing full well that viewers hop from chat to chat to give information their favorite streamers and squads. The desire for the new World First raid belt is real!
    • 12:41pm CT – More teams are catching up and fighting the Warpriest, attempting to once again figure out what has changed in the mechanics of the boss fight since the raid’s first go-round in 2015.
    • 12:32pm CTSaltagreppo and Elysium are among the first teams to finish the Totems encounter and move on to the vaunted Warpriest fight.
    • 12:29pm CT – Frustration sets in for some squads as teams have mostly figured out the changes to the Totems encounter, but struggle with killing adds or staying alive in this refreshed raid experience.
    • 12:13pm CT – The mechanics for the Totems encounter are altered from the original version of King’s Fall, and teams are scrambling to figure out what is new.
    • 12:10pm CTDatto and Math Class are among the first teams to begin the Totems encounter.
    • 12:08pm CT – Several experienced Destiny 1 veteran teams have blown through the raid’s opening fight and are making their way through the Hive ship jumping puzzle, heading quickly towards the Totems encounter.
    • 12:03pm CT – It actually feels amazing, just as fans of Destiny, to see King’s Fall again! We hope all the teams have a lot of fun with this race. Everyone is currently on Totems, just trying to start the Raid proper.
    • 12:00pm CT – And the Raid has begun as people are desperately trying to load in as quickly as possible. Some teams are running into access issues, leading to early frustration.
    • 11:57am CT – Everyone is in Orbit, waiting to dive into the Raid. This is a hugely exciting Race as King’s Fall is considered by many to be the very best Raid that the team at Bungie has designed. We are curious to see what kind of new surprises they may have added to it.
    • 11:36am CT – As we close in on the 12 PM CT start time, we must remind folks to keep a close eye on Saltagreppo and his group. Clan Elysium has won the last two World First Races back to back and could well make it a triple. This time the team will consist of Salt, Quazz, Cruz, Moople, Kyros, and Vile Fate.

    When does the King’s Fall Raid race start?

    The King’s Fall Raid will begin at 12pm CT (10am PT/1pm ET/6pm UTC/7pm CET) for players all around the world. As always, the best of the best that the community has to offer will be joining forces as they try to be the first group to fell the mighty Taken King.

    Remember, the Raid will launch in Contest Mode, making it even more challenging than usual.

    What is Contest Mode in Destiny 2?

    Contest Mode is a special set of rules that will be in play for the first 24 hours of the Raid. They make life much more difficult for the Guardians attempting to complete the Raid.

    • The Raid will launch with Contest Mode enabled for 24 hours.  
    • You will need to be at 1560 Power to be at the cap for all of the encounters.   
    • Once you’ve cleared the raid with Contest Mode active, you’ll have access to Challenge Mode and the Regicide Triumph. 
      • The first fireteam to complete all the challenges for the Regicide Triumph within 24 hours will be crowned the winner of the World First race once the team reviews their clear. 
    • The Challenge Mode activity enforces the Regicide Triumph requirements by wiping the team if you fail the success conditions during any encounter. 
    • To alleviate some pressure on the servers, there will be no bounty or weapon crafting progress for combatant kills below boss tier within the King’s Fall raid while Contest Mode is enabled. 

    Bungie has also said that people taking part in the race should make sure they get rewards from the following checkpoints to ensure proper progress:

    • Totems
    • Warpriest
    • Golgoroth
    • Daughters
    • Oryx



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