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    UAW workers ready to battle Big Three as strike chances appear to grow

    DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) — We’re drawing closer to a strike deadline on Sept. 14 as United Auto Workers members remain at odds with the Big Three over double-digit pay increases, eliminating a two-tier wage system, a 32-hour work week and better benefits.

    The UAW is confirming strike authorization votes are ongoing at their local unions and now, a new video singles out a Ford Motor Co. worker who says she’s fighting for more.

    The fourth generation worker, Sara Schambers, says it’s becoming increasingly harder to make ends meet.

    “In order to make the amount that Farley said, you have to live in these plants. You have to work 12 hours a day, five to six, sometimes seven days a week in order to make that kind of money,” Schambers said.

    More pressure is being felt on both sides, according to Stellantis worker Terrell Brown.

    “Companies take, take, take. The UAW hasn’t been able to gain a lot of those concessions back,” Brown said. “I do feel like there could be a resolution without a strike, but in my honest opinion, I don’t think that it’s likely. I think there’s going to be some sort of strike.”

    Ford, General Motors and Stellantis released statement.


    Temporary workers represent only 3% of our hourly workforce at Ford, and they have a clear career path: Since the 2019 contract, temporary full-time employees are converted to permanent full-time employee status upon the completion of two years’ continuous service. We have converted more than 14,100 temporary employees to permanent status since 2019, including about 3,000 temporary employees that we converted to permanent last summer.

    By the end of the current contract, 80% of all Ford’s UAW-represented hourly employees will be at the top wage rate of around $32. That means they will earn higher wages than 90% of all hourly employees in the U.S. auto industry, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Eligible UAW-represented production employees at the top wage rate also received approximately $47,000 in additional compensation during this contract, including a ratification bonus, lump sum performance bonuses, yearly inflation bonus and profit sharing.

    Ford is proud to build more vehicles in America and employ more UAW-represented hourly workers in America than any other automaker. We look forward to working with the UAW on creative solutions during this time when our dramatically changing industry needs a skilled and competitive workforce more than ever.


    Product allocation for our U.S. plants will depend on the outcome of these negotiations as well as a plant’s ability to meet specific performance metrics including improving quality, reducing absenteeism and addressing overall cost. As these decisions are fluid and part of the discussions at the bargaining table, we will not comment further.


    “We’ve been working hard with the UAW every day to ensure we get this agreement right for all our stakeholders. We know that our U.S. economic impact supports more than six jobs for every job created by GM. We take that responsibility very seriously, and we continue to bargain in good faith each day to support our team members, our customers and dealers, the community, our suppliers, and the business.”



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